Main Office


Melanie Wyatt – Principal

Andrea Bumbrey – Assistant Principal

Timothy Duffy – Assistant Principal

Office Staff

Renee Embrey – Secretary to the Principal

Linda Lam – Clerical Paraprofessional

Courtney McWhirt – Guidance Secretary

Adalinda Santana – Receptionist

Diane Howard – Attendance Secretary

Valerie London- Financial Secretary

Ann Zeitz – Secretary to the Assistant Principals

Peggy Williams – School Nurse


PHONE NUMBER (540) 372-1145

FAX NUMBER (540) 891-5449

OFFICE HOURS:  7:15 AM – 4:00 PM

 Absence  Excuses should be sent the day your child returns to school.

Bus/Transportation Change Notice is required in writing.

Photo Identification is required for student pick-up from the office.

Parental Transportation of Student Athletes from athletic events requires prior written notice to the principal.  Permission must be requested for each game individually.