Policy and Regulations Manual
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Index of /upload/PolicyRegsManual/Section C/
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This folder contains an archive of School Board Policy Manual. If you'd like to browse an archive select the folder icon to the left of the year.
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CHD.pdf  Administration in Policy Absence (Also BFE) 06-08-15pdf 75.6 KB
CH.pdf  Policy Implementation 08-08-13pdf 31.5 KB
CLA.pdf  Reporting Acts of Violence and Substance Abuse 12-05-16pdf 24.6 KB
CM.pdf  School Division Annual Report 06-08-15pdf 44.5 KB
Section C Index.pdf  Index of Section D: General School Administration 12-06-14pdf 68.7 KB
CMA.pdf  School Division Annual Report Card 07-08-14pdf 102.7 KB
CF.pdf  School Building Administration 08-08-13pdf 32.1 KB
CBG.pdf  Evaluation of the Superintendent 18-05-18pdf 197.7 KB
CBA.pdf  Qualifications and Duties for the Superintendent 14-05-15pdf 71.3 KB
CA.pdf  Administration Goals 24-05-12pdf 44.8 KB
CBB.pdf  Appointment and Term of the Division Superintendent 14-05-15pdf 129.0 KB
CBD.pdf  Superintendent's Contract, Compensation and Benefits 18-05-18pdf 180.2 KB
CBE.pdf  Severance Benefits 20-11-07pdf 19.0 KB
CBG-E.pdf  Superintendent's Evaluation Form 13-03-15pdf 145.0 KB