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Index of /upload/PolicyRegsManual/Section D/ D
This folder contains an archive of School Board Policy Manual. If you'd like to browse an archive select the folder icon to the left of the year.
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DLB.pdf  Salary Deductions 26-04-07pdf 10.1 KB
DJB.pdf  Petty Cash Funds 12-06-08pdf 10.7 KB
DL.pdf  Payroll Procedures 13-06-08pdf 10.4 KB
DM.pdf  Cash in School Buildings 25-08-10pdf 73.7 KB
DGC-R.pdf  School Activity Funds 05-11-10pdf 4.8 KB
DN.pdf  Disposal of Surplus Items 05-11-10pdf 81.2 KB
DIA.pdf  Reporting Per Pupil Costs 10-08-12pdf 112.6 KB
DLC.pdf  Expense Reimbursements 08-08-13pdf 74.8 KB
DA.pdf  Management of Funds 15-05-14pdf 76.1 KB
DGD.pdf  Funds For Instructional Materials & Office Supplies 15-05-14pdf 6.9 KB
DJA.pdf  Purchasing Authority 15-05-14pdf 90.3 KB
DK.pdf  Payment Procedures 15-05-14pdf 10.8 KB
DO.pdf  Non-Locally Funded Programs 07-08-14pdf 6.5 KB
Section D Index.pdf  Index of Section D: Fiscal Management 08-08-14pdf 56.4 KB
DLB-R.pdf  Salary Deductions 03-10-14pdf 75.8 KB
DGC.pdf  School Activity Funds 15-01-15pdf 75.1 KB
DG.pdf  Custody and Depository of School Funds 14-05-15pdf 134.9 KB
DJF-R.pdf  Purchasing Procedures 28-05-15pdf 101.7 KB
DJ-R.pdf  Small Purchasing 01-06-15pdf 8.1 KB
DJF-R-1.pdf  Guidelines for Implementation of Public-Private Educational Facilities and Infrastructure Act of 2002 02-06-15pdf 410.2 KB
DB.pdf  Annual Budget 06-08-15pdf 77.7 KB
DI.pdf  Financial Accounting and Reporting 09-12-15pdf 124.6 KB
DJF.pdf  Purchasing Procedures 09-12-15pdf 62.6 KB
DJ.pdf  Small Purchasing 10-08-16pdf 59.2 KB
DJG.pdf  Vendor Relations 08-08-17pdf 204.2 KB