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This folder contains an archive of School Board Policy Manual. If you'd like to browse an archive select the folder icon to the left of the year.
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KA.pdf  Goals for School-Community Relations 16-05-14pdf 46.6 KB
KB.pdf  Public Information Program 24-05-12pdf 20.4 KB
KBA-F1&F2.pdf  Request For Public Records 11-08-16pdf 80.2 KB
KBA-F1.pdf  Request for Public Records 27-02-18pdf 93.8 KB
KBA-R.pdf  Requests for Information 09-08-18pdf 149.3 KB
KBA.pdf  Requests for Information 08-08-17pdf 197.4 KB
KBC.pdf  Media Relations 24-05-12pdf 19.6 KB
KBE.pdf  Internet Privacy 16-05-14pdf 114.1 KB
KC.pdf  Community Involvement in Decision Making 24-05-12pdf 6.2 KB
KD-E.pdf  Citizen Comment Sign-Up Sheet 01-07-07pdf 12.4 KB
KD-R.pdf  Public Participation at School Board Meetings (Also BDDH-R) 16-05-14pdf 5.6 KB
KD.pdf  Public Participation at School Board Meetings (Also BDDH) 11-08-16pdf 5.1 KB
KF-R.pdf  Distribution of Information/Materials 28-06-12pdf 100.6 KB
KF.pdf  Distribution of Information/Materials 11-08-16pdf 116.4 KB
KFB.pdf  Administration of Surveys and Questionnaires 06-08-15pdf 104.4 KB
KG-R.pdf  Community Use of School Facilities 08-01-16pdf 43.7 KB
KG.pdf  Community Use of School Facilities 02-05-17pdf 7.4 KB
KGA.pdf  Sales and Solicitations in Schools 18-11-08pdf 19.9 KB
KGB.pdf  Public Conduct on School Property 07-08-14pdf 20.7 KB
KGC.pdf  Use of Tobacco and Electronic Cigarettes on School Premises 08-08-14pdf 93.6 KB
KH.pdf  Public Gifts to the Schools 16-01-15pdf 45.5 KB
KJ.pdf  Advertising in the Schools 16-05-14pdf 113.0 KB
KK.pdf  School Visitors 09-08-18pdf 76.7 KB
KKA.pdf  Service Animals in Public Schools 16-01-15pdf 181.5 KB
KL.pdf  Public Complaints 16-05-14pdf 113.5 KB
KLB-E.pdf  Request For Reconsideration Of Learning Resources 24-05-12pdf 109.0 KB
KLB-R.pdf  Public Complaints about Curriculum or Instructional Materials 28-03-18pdf 124.1 KB
KLB.pdf  Public Complaints about Learning Resources 16-05-14pdf 76.2 KB
KMA.pdf  Relations with Parent Organizations 08-08-14pdf 6.4 KB
KN.pdf  Sex Offender Registry Notification 12-08-11pdf 106.7 KB
KNA.pdf  Violent Sex Offenders on School Property 12-08-11pdf 89.8 KB
KNAJ.pdf  Relations with Law Enforcement Authorities 09-08-18pdf 188.7 KB
KNB.pdf  Reports of Missing Children 15-04-10pdf 40.3 KB
KP.pdf  Parental Rights and Responsibilities 24-05-12pdf 140.6 KB
KQ.pdf  "Commercial, Promotional, and Corporate Sponsorships and Partnerships" 08-08-14pdf 93.6 KB
Section K Index.pdf  Index of Section K: Students 08-08-14pdf 102.1 KB