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This folder contains an archive of School Board Policy Manual. If you'd like to browse an archive select the folder icon to the left of the year.
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IA.pdf  Instructional Goals and Objectives 08-08-18pdf 81.1 KB
IAA.pdf  Notification of Learning Objectives 11-08-16pdf 133.2 KB
IB.pdf  Academic Freedom 18-09-08pdf 18.8 KB
IC-ID.pdf  School Year/School Day 08-08-18pdf 206.4 KB
IE.pdf  Moment of Silence 16-05-13pdf 19.3 KB
IEA.pdf  Pledge of Allegiance 24-05-12pdf 6.6 KB
IEB.pdf  National Motto 03-05-07pdf 10.8 KB
IEC.pdf  Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the United States 03-05-07pdf 11.2 KB
IF.pdf  Curriculum Development and Adoption 16-05-13pdf 44.4 KB
IGAD.pdf  Career and Technical Education 08-08-18pdf 133.4 KB
IGAE-IGAF.pdf  Health Education/Physical Education 08-08-18pdf 129.5 KB
IGAG.pdf  "Teaching about Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco" 07-08-14pdf 19.3 KB
IGAH.pdf  Family Life Education (FLE) 08-08-18pdf 11.5 KB
IGAI.pdf  Character Education 11-08-16pdf 73.5 KB
IGAJ.pdf  Driver Education 08-08-17pdf 208.0 KB
IGAK.pdf  Alternatives to Animal Dissection 03-05-07pdf 11.2 KB
IGBA.pdf  Programs for Students With Disabilities 07-08-14pdf 93.9 KB
IGBB.pdf  Programs for Gifted Students 13-08-12pdf 106.3 KB
IGBC.pdf  Parental Involvement 08-08-17pdf 270.7 KB
IGBE.pdf  Remedial and Summer Instruction Program 21-05-18pdf 121.6 KB
IGBF.pdf  Limited English Proficient Students 08-08-17pdf 135.1 KB
IGBG-R.pdf  Homebound, Correspondence, and Alternative Means of Instruction 24-09-10pdf 6.6 KB
IGBG.pdf  Homebound, Correspondence, and Alternative Means of Instruction 08-08-18pdf 11.5 KB
IGBGA.pdf  Online Courses and Virtual School Programs 07-08-14pdf 122.4 KB
IGBH.pdf  Alternative School Programs 24-05-12pdf 45.3 KB
IGBI-R.pdf  Advanced Placement Classes and Special Programs 05-10-12pdf 71.1 KB
IGBI.pdf  Advanced Placement Classes and Special Programs 09-08-18pdf 180.5 KB
IGDA-R.pdf  Student Organizations (Secondary Schools) 03-05-07pdf 14.6 KB
IGDA.pdf  Student Organizations 14-08-12pdf 80.4 KB
IGE.pdf  Adult Education 09-08-18pdf 74.3 KB
IHA.pdf  Grouping for Instruction 24-05-12pdf 20.1 KB
IHB.pdf  Class Size 11-08-16pdf 142.4 KB
IIA.pdf  Instructional Materials 16-05-14pdf 74.5 KB
IIAA.pdf  "Textbook Selection, Adoption, and Purchase" 12-05-16pdf 88.9 KB
IIAB.pdf  Supplementary Materials Selection and Adoption 16-05-14pdf 45.3 KB
IIAE.pdf  Innovative or Experimental Programs 21-05-18pdf 5.6 KB
IIBD.pdf  School Libraries/Media Centers 21-05-18pdf 5.6 KB
IIBEA & GAB.pdf  Acceptable Computer System Use 22-08-13pdf 173.8 KB
IIBEA-E.pdf  27-08-15pdf 72.2 KB
IIBEA-E2 & GAB-E-1.pdf  Acceptable Computer System Use Agreement 27-08-15pdf 125.1 KB
IIBEA-R & GAB-R.pdf  Acceptable Computer System Use 22-08-13pdf 155.4 KB
IICA.pdf  Field Trips 24-05-12pdf 24.1 KB
IICB-IICC.pdf  Community Resource Persons/School Volunteers 08-08-17pdf 20.3 KB
IJ.pdf  Guidance and Counseling Program 09-08-18pdf 132.0 KB
IJD.pdf  College and Career Readiness 09-08-18pdf 11.4 KB
IKA.pdf  Parental Assistance with Instruction 16-05-14pdf 6.0 KB
IKB.pdf  Homework 16-05-14pdf 94.7 KB
IKE-R.pdf  Promotion Regulations/Requirements 23-09-13pdf 139.8 KB
IKE.pdf  Promotion Requirements 03-05-07pdf 10.9 KB
IKEB-R.pdf  Acceleration 30-09-13pdf 93.6 KB
IKEB.pdf  Acceleration 09-08-18pdf 183.5 KB
IKF-R.pdf  Graduation Requirements 26-08-10pdf 6.5 KB
IKF.pdf  Standards of Learning Tests and Graduation Requirements 21-05-18pdf 128.0 KB
IKFA.pdf  Locally Awarded Verified Credits 09-08-18pdf 203.5 KB
IKFD.pdf  Alternative Paths to Attaining Standard Units of Credit 22-05-18pdf 147.1 KB
IKG-R.pdf  Remediation Recovery Program 23-09-13pdf 6.6 KB
IKG.pdf  Remediation Recovery Program 09-08-18pdf 214.9 KB
IKH.pdf  Retaking SOL Assessments 09-08-18pdf 245.0 KB
IL.pdf  Testing Programs 09-08-18pdf 198.1 KB
INB.pdf  Teaching About Controversial Issues 24-05-12pdf 45.6 KB
INDC.pdf  Religion in the Schools 16-05-14pdf 21.3 KB
Section I Index.pdf  Index of Section I: Instruction 12-06-14pdf 82.1 KB