Policy and Regulations Manual
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This folder contains an archive of School Board Policy Manual. If you'd like to browse an archive select the folder icon to the left of the year.
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GA.pdf  Personnel Policies Goals 08-08-18pdf 76.5 KB
GAA.pdf  Staff Time Schedules 15-05-14pdf 165.9 KB
GAB & IIBEA.pdf  Acceptable Computer System Use 15-08-13pdf 130.3 KB
GAB-E1 & IIBEA-E2.pdf  Acceptable Computer System Use Agreement 15-08-13pdf 139.3 KB
GAB-R & IIBEA-R.pdf  Acceptable Computer System Use 15-08-13pdf 155.0 KB
GAD.pdf  Access to Employee Social Media Accounts 06-08-15pdf 115.7 KB
GAE & JHG-R.pdf  Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting 08-09-14pdf 10.6 KB
GAE & JHG.pdf  Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting 06-08-15pdf 118.2 KB
GAH.pdf  School Employee Conflicts of Interest 08-08-17pdf 138.1 KB
GB-F.pdf  Report of Discrimination 07-02-13pdf 6.4 KB
GB-R.pdf  Equal Employment Opportunity/NonDiscrimination 26-02-18pdf 156.0 KB
GB.pdf  Equal Employment Opportunity/Non-Discrimination 26-02-18pdf 192.3 KB
GBA & JFHA-R.pdf  Prohibition Against Harassment And Retaliation 26-02-18pdf 155.9 KB
GBA & JFHA.pdf  Prohibition Against Harassment And Retaliation 26-02-18pdf 206.7 KB
GBA-F & JFHA-F.pdf  Report of Harassment 07-02-13pdf 19.7 KB
GBB.pdf  Prohibition of Abusive Work Enviroments 08-08-18pdf 72.7 KB
GBC-R.pdf  Staff Compensation Procedures 14-06-12pdf 5.5 KB
GBC.pdf  Staff Compensation Procedures 25-06-09pdf 3.5 KB
GBD.pdf  15-05-14pdf 74.3 KB
GBE-R.pdf  Staff Health (Employee Assistance Program) 10-07-08pdf 18.0 KB
GBE.pdf  Staff Health 09-12-15pdf 115.8 KB
GBEA-E.pdf  Notice to Employees 30-04-07pdf 11.6 KB
GBEA.pdf  07-08-14pdf 118.0 KB
GBEB.pdf  Staff Weapons in School 08-08-17pdf 115.3 KB
GBEC.pdf  Tobacco-Free School for Staff and Students (Also JFCH) 07-08-14pdf 119.7 KB
GBECA.pdf  Electronic Cigarettes 07-08-14pdf 31.1 KB
GBEF & JHCL.pdf  Lactation Support 07-08-14pdf 30.8 KB
GBG.pdf  Staff Participation in Political Activities 24-05-12pdf 20.5 KB
GBI.pdf  Staff Gifts and Solicitations 30-04-07pdf 10.4 KB
GBL.pdf  Personnel Records 10-08-16pdf 131.3 KB
GBLA-E.pdf  Third Party Complaint Form 30-04-07pdf 10.2 KB
GBLA-R.pdf  Third Party Complaints Against Employees 23-07-18pdf 112.0 KB
GBLA.pdf  Third Party Complaints Against Employees 15-05-14pdf 76.3 KB
GBM.pdf  Professional Staff Grievances 02-05-17pdf 17.9 KB
GBMA-R.pdf  Support Staff Grievance Procedure 13-08-09pdf 49.4 KB
GBMA.pdf  Support Staff Grievances 22-08-13pdf 6.7 KB
GBN.pdf  Staff Hiring Procedures 14-05-15pdf 57.3 KB
GBO-R.pdf  Virginia Retirement System 23-05-18pdf 24.3 KB
GBO.pdf  Virginia Retirement System 10-08-12pdf 5.9 KB
GBP-R.pdf  Health Insurance for Employees 10-07-08pdf 10.5 KB
GBP.pdf  Health Insurance for Employees 30-04-07pdf 10.9 KB
GBR.pdf  Voluntary Retirement Savings Program 06-08-15pdf 89.6 KB
GC.pdf  Professional Staff 08-08-18pdf 198.1 KB
GCB.pdf  Professional Staff Contracts 18-05-18pdf 185.8 KB
GCBA.pdf  Staff Salary Schedules 24-05-12pdf 44.2 KB
GCBB.pdf  Supplementary Pay 21-05-18pdf 95.5 KB
GCBC-R.pdf  Staff Fringe Benefits 11-07-08pdf 23.5 KB
GCBC.pdf  Staff Fringe Benefits 10-08-12pdf 19.4 KB
GCBD-E.pdf  Sick Leave Bank Application for Enrollment 21-06-12pdf 6.2 KB
GCBD-R.pdf  Staff Leaves and Adbsences 11-09-13pdf 117.7 KB
GCBD.pdf  Staff Leaves and Absences 24-05-12pdf 112.3 KB
GCBE-E.pdf  FMLA - Your Rights - Attachment 1 11-05-16pdf 66.5 KB
GCBE.pdf  11-05-16pdf 195.6 KB
GCBEA.pdf  Leave Without Pay 15-05-14pdf 136.0 KB
GCBEB-R.pdf  Military Leave and Benefits-Professional and Support Staff 30-04-07pdf 14.0 KB
GCBEB.pdf  Military Leave and Benefits 14-05-15pdf 208.2 KB
GCCB.pdf  Employment of Family Members 08-08-17pdf 214.5 KB
GCDA-E.pdf  Fingerprint Data Sheet 30-01-15pdf 6.8 KB
GCDA-R.pdf  Effect of Criminal Conviction or Founded Complaint of Child Abuse or Neglect 10-07-08pdf 10.7 KB
GCDA.pdf  Effect of Criminal Conviction or Founded Complaint of Child Abuse or Neglect 08-08-18pdf 194.9 KB
GCE.pdf  Part-Time and Substitute Professional Staff Employment 07-08-14pdf 93.1 KB
GCG.pdf  Professional Staff Probationary Term and Continuing Contract 08-08-18pdf 192.7 KB
GCI-R.pdf  Professional Staff Assignments and Transfers 11-10-12pdf 31.4 KB
GCI.pdf  Professional Staff Assignments and Transfers 22-08-13pdf 113.4 KB
GCL-R.pdf  Professional Staff Development Opportunities 29-03-18pdf 7.5 KB
GCL.pdf  Professional Staff Development 21-05-18pdf 97.9 KB
GCN-E-1.pdf  Teacher Summative Performance Report 23-02-15pdf 98.2 KB
GCN-E-2.pdf  Formal Classroom Observation Form 23-02-15pdf 451.7 KB
GCN-E-3.pdf  Performance Improvement Plan 23-02-15pdf 361.6 KB
GCN-E-4.pdf  Principal/Assistant Principal Summative Performance Report 23-02-15pdf 258.4 KB
GCN-E-5.pdf  Superintendent Summative Performance Report 23-02-15pdf 144.3 KB
GCN-E.pdf  Attachments 20-02-15pdf 8.8 KB
GCN.pdf  Evaluation of Professional Staff 21-05-18pdf 222.1 KB
GCPA-R.pdf  Reduction in Professional Staff Work Force 23-09-13pdf 15.9 KB
GCPA.pdf  Reduction in Professional Staff Work Force 22-08-13pdf 113.1 KB
GCPB.pdf  Resignation of Staff Members 21-05-18pdf 182.4 KB
GCPD-R.pdf  Professional Staff Members: Contract Status and Discipline 10-07-08pdf 9.0 KB
GCPD.pdf  Professional Staff Discipline 08-08-17pdf 135.0 KB
GCPF.pdf  Suspension of Staff Members 02-05-17pdf 63.0 KB
GCQA.pdf  Nonschool Employment by Staff Members 24-05-12pdf 52.7 KB
GCQAB.pdf  Tutoring for Pay 13-08-12pdf 5.7 KB
GCQB-R.pdf  Staff Research & Publishing (Administrative Guidelines) 21-06-12pdf 5.9 KB
GCQB.pdf  Staff Research & Publishing 24-05-12pdf 31.4 KB
GD.pdf  Support Staff 13-08-12pdf 59.6 KB
GDB.pdf  Support Staff Employment Status 11-08-16pdf 142.4 KB
GDG.pdf  Support Staff Probationary Period 11-08-16pdf 4.2 KB
GDI.pdf  Support Staff Assignments and Transfers 13-08-12pdf 5.8 KB
GDN-R.pdf  Dismissal of Support Staff Members 23-09-13pdf 11.1 KB
GDN.pdf  Evaluation of Support Staff 13-08-12pdf 181.3 KB
GDPA.pdf  Reduction in Support Staff Work Force 14-01-10pdf 70.2 KB
GDQ.pdf  School Bus Drivers 21-05-18pdf 191.9 KB
GEA-JOH.pdf  Acceptance of Electronic Signatures and Records 06-08-15pdf 120.2 KB
Section G Index.pdf  Index of Section G: Personnel 05-10-12pdf 115.3 KB