Policy and Regulations Manual
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This folder contains an archive of School Board Policy Manual. If you'd like to browse an archive select the folder icon to the left of the year.
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FA.pdf  Facilities Development Goals 26-04-07pdf 16.1 KB
FB.pdf  Facilities Planning 14-05-15pdf 57.0 KB
FE.pdf  Playground Equipment 15-01-15pdf 87.8 KB
FEA.pdf  Educational Facilities Specifications 20-05-10pdf 7.6 KB
FECBA.pdf  Energy Efficient Construction 20-05-10pdf 7.1 KB
FECBB.pdf  Accommodations for the Disabled 20-05-10pdf 22.0 KB
FEG.pdf  Construction Planning 14-05-15pdf 134.2 KB
FF.pdf  Public Dedication of New Facilities 15-01-15pdf 5.9 KB
FFA.pdf  School Names 14-05-15pdf 54.7 KB
FG.pdf  Retirement of Facilities 16-01-15pdf 6.7 KB
Section F Index.pdf  Index of Section F: Facilities Development 12-05-11pdf 68.6 KB