Policy and Regulations Manual
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This folder contains an archive of School Board Policy Manual. If you'd like to browse an archive select the folder icon to the left of the year.
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EA.pdf  Support Services 18-05-18pdf 60.3 KB
EB.pdf  School Crisis, Emergency Management, and Medical Emergency Response Plan 18-05-18pdf 127.3 KB
EBAA.pdf  Reporting of Hazards 15-05-14pdf 113.3 KB
EBAB.pdf  Possible Exposure to Viral Infections 06-08-15pdf 11.7 KB
EBB.pdf  Threat Assessment Teams 10-08-16pdf 144.3 KB
EBBA-R-E.pdf  Procedures for the Management Of Anaphylaxis 22-10-12pdf 179.2 KB
EBBA-R.pdf  First Aid/CPR Certified Personnel 26-04-07pdf 10.1 KB
EBBA.pdf  Emergency First Aid, CPR and AED Certified Personnel 08-08-13pdf 20.2 KB
EBBB.pdf  Personnel Training - Viral Infections 08-08-17pdf 106.9 KB
EBCB.pdf  Safety Drills 18-05-18pdf 7.0 KB
EBCD.pdf  School Closings 06-08-09pdf 22.3 KB
EC-R.pdf  Buildings And Grounds Management and Maintenance 06-11-09pdf 21.1 KB
EC.pdf  Buildings And Grounds Management and Maintenance 24-05-18pdf 11.4 KB
ECA.pdf  Inventory and Reporting of Loss or Damage 15-05-14pdf 6.5 KB
ECAB-R.pdf  Bomb Threats 26-04-07pdf 21.1 KB
ECAB.pdf  Vandalism 15-05-14pdf 19.8 KB
EDC-R.pdf  Authorized Use of School-Owned Materials 06-11-09pdf 20.6 KB
EDC.pdf  Authorized Use of School-Owned Materials 07-08-14pdf 45.1 KB
EEA.pdf  Student Transportation Services 08-08-17pdf 88.3 KB
EEAB.pdf  School Bus Scheduling and Routing 18-05-18pdf 6.5 KB
EEAC.pdf  School Bus Safety Program 08-08-17pdf 169.0 KB
EEAD-R.pdf  Special Use of School Buses 24-03-16pdf 164.0 KB
EEAD.pdf  Special Use of School Buses 07-08-09pdf 22.6 KB
EF.pdf  Food Service Management 15-05-14pdf 166.6 KB
EFB.pdf  Free and Reduced Price Food Services 02-05-17pdf 112.6 KB
EFD.pdf  Food Sanitation Program 07-08-09pdf 6.7 KB
EGAA.pdf  Reproduction of Copyrighted Materials 15-05-14pdf 45.3 KB
EI.pdf  Insurance Management 15-05-14pdf 74.1 KB
Section E Index.pdf  Index of Section E: Support Services 12-06-14pdf 35.2 KB