Policy and Regulations Manual
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This folder contains an archive of School Board Minutes. If you'd like to browse an archive select the folder icon to the left of the year.
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BB.pdf  School Board Legal Status 16-05-13pdf 19.6 KB
BBA.pdf  School Board Powers and Duties 15-05-14pdf 50.7 KB
BBAA.pdf  Board Member Authority 16-05-13pdf 44.5 KB
BBBA.pdf  Qualifications of School Board Members 24-05-12pdf 31.3 KB
BBBC.pdf  Board Member Oath of Office 06-08-15pdf 44.6 KB
BBD.pdf  Board Member Removal from Office 18-03-10pdf 5.7 KB
BBE.pdf  Unexpired Term Fulfillment 08-08-17pdf 141.2 KB
BBFA.pdf  School Board Members Conflict of Interest 07-08-18pdf 189.5 KB
BCA.pdf  School Board Organizational Meeting 16-05-13pdf 113.8 KB
BCB.pdf  School Board Officers 16-05-13pdf 45.1 KB
BCC.pdf  School Board Clerk 06-08-15pdf 44.8 KB
BCE.pdf  School Board Committees 16-05-13pdf 19.7 KB
BCEA.pdf  Disciplinary Committee 15-05-14pdf 19.9 KB
BCF.pdf  Advisory Committees to the School Board 14-05-15pdf 58.7 KB
BCG.pdf  School Attorney 06-08-15pdf 44.3 KB
BDA.pdf  Regular School Board Meetings 08-08-17pdf 93.3 KB
BDB.pdf  Special School Board Meetings 08-08-17pdf 20.3 KB
BDC.pdf  Closed Meetings 08-08-17pdf 193.8 KB
BDCA-E.pdf  Certificate of Closed Meeting 06-05-11pdf 7.1 KB
BDCA.pdf  Calling and Certification of Closed Meetings 08-08-17pdf 10.9 KB
BDD-E.pdf  Electronic Meetings Public Comment Form 15-05-14pdf 60.4 KB
BDD.pdf  Electronic Participation in Meetings From Remote Locations 08-08-17pdf 140.3 KB
BDDA.pdf  Notification of School Board Meetings 08-08-17pdf 133.1 KB
BDDC-E.pdf  Regular School Board Meeting Agenda 12-06-14pdf 36.0 KB
BDDC.pdf  Agenda Preparation and Dissemination 08-08-17pdf 61.2 KB
BDDD.pdf  Quorum 06-08-15pdf 44.4 KB
BDDE.pdf  Rules of Order 06-08-15pdf 6.2 KB
BDDF.pdf  Voting Method 15-01-15pdf 112.6 KB
BDDG.pdf  Minutes 08-08-17pdf 21.5 KB
BDDH-E.pdf  Citizen Comment Sign-Up Sheet 12-06-14pdf 10.6 KB
BDDH-R.pdf  Public Participation at School Board Meetings 15-05-14pdf 5.5 KB
BDDH.pdf  Public Participation at School Board Meetings (Also KD) 10-08-16pdf 5.4 KB
BF.pdf  Board Policy Manual 08-08-13pdf 86.6 KB
BFC.pdf  Policy Adoption 08-08-13pdf 89.6 KB
BFE.pdf  Administration in Policy Absence (Also CHD) 06-08-15pdf 113.5 KB
BG.pdf  Board/Staff Communications (Also GBD) 15-05-14pdf 74.4 KB
BHB.pdf  School Board Member In-Service Activities 08-08-13pdf 7.2 KB
BHD.pdf  School Board Member Compensation and Benefits 12-06-08pdf 11.4 KB
BHE.pdf  School Board Member Liability Insurance 12-06-08pdf 10.5 KB
Section B Index.pdf  Index of Section B 12-06-14pdf 10.6 KB