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Index of /upload/PolicyRegsManual/Section A/ A
This folder contains an archive of School Board Minutes. If you'd like to browse an archive select the folder icon to the left of the year.
name asc description date type size
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AA.pdf  School Division Legal Status 16-05-13pdf 45.5 KB
AC.pdf  Nondiscrimination 08-08-13pdf 20.1 KB
AD.pdf  Educational Philosophy 08-08-13pdf 46.1 KB
AE.pdf  School Division Goals and Objectives 15-05-14pdf 45.7 KB
AF.pdf  Comprehensive Plan 15-05-14pdf 94.9 KB
AFA-E.pdf  School Board Self-Evaluation 03-10-14pdf 96.1 KB
AFA.pdf  Evaluation of School Board Operational Procedures 15-05-14pdf 100.2 KB
Section A Index.pdf  Index of Section A 06-05-11pdf 5.6 KB