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Board Docs  15-05-19<DIR>0 items
CodeFinder  Policy Manual Code Descriptions 02-10-18<DIR>1 item
Drafts & Revisions  10-06-19<DIR>0 items
Section A  Foundations and Basic Commitment 14-05-19<DIR>9 items
Section B  School Board Governance and Operations 05-06-19<DIR>41 items
Section C  General School Administration 14-05-19<DIR>15 items
Section D  Fiscal Management 05-06-19<DIR>23 items
Section E  Support Services 05-06-19<DIR>30 items
Section F  Facilities Development 05-06-19<DIR>12 items
Section G  Personnel 05-06-19<DIR>93 items
Section I  Instruction 06-06-19<DIR>61 items
Section J  Students 07-06-19<DIR>88 items
Section K  School-Community Relations 10-06-19<DIR>37 items
Section L  Education Agency Relations 10-06-19<DIR>10 items
subdir  02-10-18<DIR>0 items
SUE  05-06-19<DIR>0 items
TopicalIndex  Topical Index 02-10-18<DIR>1 item
favicon.ico  05-10-18ico 5.3 KB
Overview.pdf  Overview of Fredericksburg City School Board's Policy Manual 29-10-07pdf 11.0 KB
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