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Famous Americans Facebook Page Template

Posted by Suggs Tiffany on 12th April and posted in Uncategorized

Facebook Powerpoint Template and Example

Black History Month

Posted by Suggs Tiffany on 11th February and posted in Uncategorized Black History Month

Scholastic Black History Month

Smithsonianeducation-Black History Month

Black Speeches

Black History Month Biographies



Biomes and Adaptations

Posted by Suggs Tiffany on 10th December and posted in Uncategorized

Biomes and Animal Adaptations


Marine Biome and Animal Adaptations


Posted by Suggs Tiffany on 6th December and posted in Uncategorized


Hour of Code-Use link below

Posted by Suggs Tiffany on 5th December and posted in Uncategorized

Hour of Code

Ice Cream Writing

Posted by Suggs Tiffany on 31st May and posted in Uncategorized

EndofYearActivitiesIceCreamWritingPromptsforEndoftheYear (1)

Reading SOL Practice: Webscott

Posted by Suggs Tiffany on 7th May and posted in Uncategorized

Reading SOL Practice

  • Click the link
  • Scroll down to fourth grade reading
  • Add Hashtags
  • Write down your answers

Word Reference Skills Hunt

Posted by Suggs Tiffany on 23rd April and posted in Uncategorized



Figurative Language

Posted by Suggs Tiffany on 24th March and posted in Uncategorized


Granny Torrelli Comic Strip Maker

Posted by Suggs Tiffany on 23rd March and posted in Uncategorized

Comic Strip Maker

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