Policy for Information & Instructional Technology Acquisition, Development and Deployment

Fredericksburg City Public Schools benefits from both stability and purposeful evolution and innovation in networking, educational computing, and information management. Both district IT functions and school IT functions contribute. Collaboration between the district’s IT workers and contractors supporting these functions and the end-users is vital to designing and implementing enterprise network services. The Technology Department is the major consultative resource for division and school IT workers and end-users for all instructional and information technology systems including email communication systems, information storage and processing systems, instructional software systems, physical facilities related to such systems and contractual relationships with vendors of such systems and services. In addition, The Technology Department has oversight and coordinating responsibility for all these systems and services.

Technological innovations and initiatives within the divisions and schools should be brought to The Director of Technology early in their conception for rapid consideration and assessment within the Division-wide plans. Because any new idea or approach may benefit or hamper others, the Director of Technology, in collaboration with school or division IT workers or contractors will expeditiously work with the end-users to review their initiatives to insure that all acquisitions, development, and deployments of information technology within the Division conform to existing guidelines to maximize functionality while minimizing effort.

Technologies that have been evaluated as described above and approved by the Director of Technology will be scheduled for deployment or installation on district computers by the IT staff. All other software/hardware request will be denied until a formal evaluation and fiscal analysis is complete. Downloading and installing software is prohibited by any user other than the IT staff.