Internet Safety Legislation & Requirements

Legislation approved by the 2006 General Assembly and signed by Governor Kaine added a requirement to the acceptable Internet use policies developed by the division superintendent that such policies include a component on Internet safety for students.

As required by this legislation our division modified its acceptable Internet use policy (AUP) to include a component of Internet Safety. Beginning the Fall of 2006-2007 the division established a committee to address Internet Safety Instruction. The committee identified stakeholders, identified resources, and began to study which programs would be responsible for the delivery of instruction. As a result of the committee’s work Fredericksburg City Public Schools identified any employee that uses the Internet in the workplace and has direct authority over children to be responsible for promoting Internet Safety in their curriculum.

Fredericksburg City Public Schools requires these employees to complete the online mentorship training program. Fredericksburg City Schools has made resources available to parents via our links on our website and several parental meetings each school year. Beginning in September 2007 Internet Safety has been integrated into the school’s curriculum at all grade levels via teachable moments.

The Fredericksburg City Public Schools Educational Technology Plan addresses the following needs:

  1. Internet Safety in accordance with the Virginia Department of Technology  Guidelines
  2. Personal safety on the Internet
  3. Information on the Internet
  4. Ethical values regarding the Internet and the use of technology within the division.