Fredericksburg City School’s Portfolio Requirements for Teachers

Portfolio Requirements

Competency categories in which technology skills are to be demonstrated:

Basic Skills:

  • Word Processing
  • Database
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Spreadsheet
  • Telecommunications
  • Presentation
  • Lesson Plan

Section I: Competency Category: Basic skills

Through the process of completing all the components of the portfolio, you will have successfully demonstrated the ability to do the following:

  1. Save files
  2. Create new folder, set up hierarchy
  3. Create shortcuts/alias
  4. Copy files
  5. Insert/Eject media
  6. Utilize software
  7. Launch applications
  8. Copy/Paste objects and text
  9. Use the mouse to highlight text and graphics

10. Control Panel Settings

11. Name Diskette/Zip or other media

You will be required to turn in a paper copy of the portfolio, as well as a disk copy. (multiple if necessary) Your disk should be neatly organized in a hierarchy of folders.

  1. All Individual portfolio assignments will be placed inside a folder titled Final Portfolio.
  2. All of your files should be stored in individual folders. These folders will be named after the title of each portfolio requirement.
  3. Each of the files should have a shortcut icon with it in the same folder.
  4. Name your floppy disk.
  5. Create a shortcut for each of the final files.

Section II: Competency Category: Word Processing/Desktop Publishing

Portfolio Requirement: Use MS Word to create a word processed document with with the following parameters:

  1. Divided into columns.
  2. Contains a scanned image or image from a digital camera.
  3. One clip art image.
  4. Wrap text around one object.
  5. Newspaper-like header.
  6. Use of 2 different fonts and text sizes.
  7. Bulleted text.
  8. A Date Field.
  9. A page number field and a footer.

10. Word processor created or imported table.

11. Word processor created or imported graph.

12. Print and Save a copy for your portfolio.

Section III: Competency Category: Telecommunications

Portfolio Requirement:

  1. Using MS Outlook send, receive, and respond to e-mail. This component will be administered through your assigned TLT. You will be corresponding with him/her during the program. Print out samples of sent and received correspondence and put them in your portfolio.
  2. Using a web-based search engine, locate five useful sites on a topic in your course area. Include these in a word-processed document, save and print them out for your portfolio
  3. Using a web page editor, create a web page with the following criteria:
  • 2 Internet images
  • Main page and two linked pages
  • One of the pages should be a resource page containing links to the five sites from item 2.
  1. Save and print out your pages for the portfolio.

Section IV: Competency Category: Database

Portfolio Requirement:

Using MS Access create a sample database that can be used in your classroom. The following activity can be used but it is preferable that you create a database that can be used in the context of your portfolio.

Part 1

  1. Create a database of student information with at least eight fields containing students in your classes. These might include such fields as last name, first name, team, homeroom, textbook number, etc.).
  2. Sort the last names in ascending order. (A-Z)
  3. Print the list view of your database and add to portfolio.
  4. Create a query to retrieve names of all students in a particular homeroom and print a list to view.
  5. Create a report form with all student information included and Print a report for one student record, and add to your portfolio.
  6. Save the database file to your portfolio disk.

Part 2

  1. Develop or use an existing database to deliver integrated lesson. Use the list of curriculum suggestions as a springboard for developing a database which relates to your particular lesson topic.
  2. Save the lesson plan file to your disk and print a copy to be kept in portfolio.

Section V: Competency Category: Spreadsheet

Portfolio Requirement:

  1. Using MS Excel create a basic spreadsheet using your portfolio theme with rows, columns and headings.
  2. Complete calculations formulas. Must include basic addition and multiplication.
  3. Create a graph from a spreadsheet.
  4. Insert spreadsheet and graph into word processing document.
  5. Save and Print the document for your portfolio.

Section VI: Competency Category: Multimedia Presentation

Portfolio Requirement:

  1. Create a presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint with the following criteria:
  • Minimum of 5 pages
  • There should be a common element throughout each page. (Watermark)
  • There should be 3 different images, either one digital camera image, one clip art image, one image cut and pasted from the Internet, or self-created image.
  • There should be one chart and one graph.
  • The presentation should stand alone with each page being visible for 12 seconds.
  • Some form of animation should be used, transition or built into the page.
  • Save and print a copy of each page and keep them in your portfolio.

Section VII: Competency Category: Lesson Plan

Portfolio Requirement:

Create a lesson plan that demonstrates the integration of technology. See the portfolio sample for additional information.