Executive Summary

2018 Technology Executive Summary

The Fredericksburg City Public Schools technology department supports the district’s vision and goals, and desired outcomes for instructional technology.  These goals are fluid and will be revised as needed based on changes within the district.  This summary is flexible, yet specific enough to serve as a guide in decision-making and budgeting.  This summary has been developed to assist the district in allocating funds with a focus on the goals that are identified within this summary.  Those goals are infrastructure, equipment, data security, student learning, professional development and community engagement.  The following summary is an overview how the district will support the integration of technology in teaching and learning.


The implementation of this plan must begin with an appropriate wired and wireless infrastructure that can support the increase of devices needed on the network.  FCPS has a robust technology infrastructure consisting of domain controllers, file storage servers, switches, high-density access points etc. that will help meet the demands of today.  A fiber network that is owned by Fredericksburg City Public Schools will be in place by 2019 allowing 40GB+ data connections between buildings and an isolated security data network with unified security systems. Cloud-based storage has been provided to all student and staff giving each person 1TB of online storage. This infrastructure will ensure learners experience a robust, CIPA compliant environment to ensure success in the classroom.


FCPS will strive for a one-to-one computer environment in grades 3-10.  This will be accomplished by utilizing VPSA funds to provide 2 distribution cycles, one in grades 3-6 and the second in grades 7-10.  Along with this one-to-one program, a minimum of 5 devices will be provided in every k-2 classroom.

Data Security

FCPS is committed to safeguard student data and privacy.  Fredericksburg will be seeking the Trusted Learning Environment (TLE) seal by focusing on a culture of trust and transparency.  We will be implementing high standards for student data privacy protections around five core practice areas: Leadership, Business, Data Security, Professional Development and the Classroom.

Training/Professional Development

Ongoing sustained professional development is a top priority for the success of our student learners and teachers alike. Technology professional development will be offered at all schools and content areas, differentiated to meet the needs of the various teachers, and be available during and outside the scheduled workday.  We will offer our staff with the appropriate tools so that they can be successful when integrating technology into their curriculum. FCPS currently has 3 Instructional Technology Coaches (ITC) and 2 computer technicians.  Our goal is to have 1 Instructional Technology Coach and 1 computer technician in each building.


To be effective, it is critical that both staff and stakeholders be notified in a timely manner.  The technology department is committed to facilitating this communication through the website, social media, broadcast alerts, and the student information system (PowerSchool).