Budget Information

The Technology Department receives funding from the City of Fredericksburg for Operating and Capital Improvements. The Technology budget process is driven by the current Six-Year Technology Plan. The Director, District & School Administrators, members of the Technology Advisory Committee provide input to the Director of Technology. The Director of Technology develops the annual budget request and submits it to the Director of Finance in January. This initial request is reviewed by the Director of Finance and the Superintendent and either referred back to the Director of Technology for revision or added to the Superintendents Budget request to the School Board. The School Board reviews the Superintendents budget request and votes to accept it or refers it back to the Superintendent for revisions. If approved the Budget is sent to the City Manager. The city finally decides if they will fully fund the school board’s request or the level of funding they will provide.

The Capital Improvement Budget designates funds to be used by the school division to acquire future income or benefits. The Technology Department utilizes this funding to replace all servers, computers, network devices, and peripherals on a four year cycle. In addition, Capital Improvement Budget funds are used to add new and emerging technology that benefits our students educationally.

The Operating Budget designates funds for the daily maintenance and service of technology equipment, renewal of software licenses and agreements and, local travel allotment, conference travel and office supplies.

In addition, to the Operating Budget and the Capital Improvement Budget funds the Technology department also seeks and utilizes grant funds to assist in the financial burden associated with maintaining a Wide Area Network environment. For an overview of the current Grants utilized by the Technology Department select the Grant Information link located in the left sidebar of this page.