Pupil Personnel Services

FCPS pupil personnel services offers a multitude of services to meet the needs of our students. Eligibility for either gifted or special education is determined by a formal assessment which involves the student, teachers, administrators, and parents. If you feel your child is eligible for special services, please contact your child’s respective school guidance office and/or an administrator at the school to discuss your child’s eligibility for services.

Health Services:   If you would like to come to the School Health Advisory Board (SHAB) meetings, please contact Donna Watts at 540 372-1127.  They are scheduled four times/year.

Homeless Liaison:  For families experiencing homelessness and services available with the McKinney-Vento Act please contact LaTasha Wooden at lwooden@cityschools.com or (540) 372-1127 ext. 2536. Visit: education.wm.edu/centers/hope/info/parents/index.php for more info.

Foster Care:  For information or questions related to foster care please contact Diane Richards at drichards@cityschools.com or 540-372-1127.

For appropriate health forms and additional information check the school website and/or the school nurse at your child’s school.

Homebound: For issues related to homebound educational services please contact Diane Richards at drichards@cityschools.com or 540 372-1127.