FCPS Pre-Labor Day Information & Survey

FCPS is seeking community feedback regarding the development of future school calendars to include the possibility of beginning the school year prior to Labor Day. A start date prior to Labor Day for the 2019-20 school year would possibly be on, or around, August 12 or August 19, 2019. The results of this survey will be utilized by the FCPS Calendar Committee to develop a proposed 2019-20, and potentially, a 2020-21 instructional calendar.

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The survey will be available until noon on Friday, October 26, 2018. Hard copies of the survey will be available at each school.

An instructional presentation was presented to the FCPS School Board on Monday, October 1, 2018. The presentation included impartial pros and cons to a possible Pre-Labor Day school start. The list of pros and cons are listed below.

Schedule would mirror that of surrounding divisionsHigh temperature on buses
End of 1st semester at Winter breakSome families may have a pre-planned summer vacation (attendance)
Human Resources would be on same hiring schedule as surrounding divisionsBudget issues (new funding available on July 1)
SOL Fall retakes could be completed prior to Winter breakTime to clean buildings
Fall/Spring sports schedules would be in line with school schedulesTiming of SIS roll-over & payroll
School schedule would mirror child care schedules in surrounding countiesFilling teacher vacancies
Teacher schedules would match child’s school schedule if in surrounding divisionsSchool Planning – New Year
Instructor schedules match surrounding divisions (T’s & S’s will be able to enroll in college level courses)Summer Programs (Summer School, Summer Scholars, Summer Fun, K-Camp, Parks & Rec, ESY)

Frequently Asked Questions

Data collection for the survey will be anonymous and confidential. FCPS will retain all data from survey participants. Results will be presented to the FCPS School Board on Monday, November 5, 2018. No identifying information will be released with the reporting of results.

Further questions regarding the survey can be sent to Dr. Jonathan Russ, Chief Administrative Officer, at jruss@cityschools.com.