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I will have a sub.  Students will be completing an Asia Review Packet and starting on Chapters 28,29, & 30 HW.Chapter 28 HomeworkChapter 29 – 30 Homework

Asia Review Packet and Asia Notes(they have been working on this for over a week) will be due by the end of class.

Here is a powerpoint that may be viewed to assist with the  Asia Review Packet.  Asia Cultural Characteristics

Very late in posting this week!  Here is/was our week:

Monday -SOL Vocabulary Review, South Asia Notes cont…

Tuesday – SOLVocabulary Review,Chapter 23/24 HW Quiz – East Asia Map – Chapter 25 HW due Wednesday! Chapter 25 Homework

Wednesday – East Asia Notes, Chapter 25 HW Quiz, Chapters 26/27 HW – due on Monday! Chapter 26-27 HW

Thursday – Finish SOL Vocabulary Review

Friday -Finish East Asia Notes, Start on Southeast Asia Notes


**********Important Dates!************

Students have a year end project that is due next Friday, May 9th.  They should have all materials needed to complete this project.  Your student should be working on this a little bit each night to insure a quality project.  See attached to view requirements.  A to Z Project -

World Geography SOL – Friday, May 23rd

This week we will step away from North Africa and SW Asia to review for Nine Weeks Test.   Students should be spending some time working on Chapter 18 HW.  It is a lengthy packet and they will be able to use it on their North Africa and SW Asia Test.  Due date for this packet will be the date of the Test, TBD.

Monday - Nine Week Test Vocabulary.  Review HERE! Nine Weeks Vocabulary

Tuesday – Work on Review Guide – Extra Copy HERE! Q3 Review Guide

Warmup Notebook due!

Wednesday – Last Day of Review

Thursday - Nine Weeks Test

Friday – Back to North Africa and SW Asia – Cultural Notes

This week we will continue our study of Southwest Asia and North Africa.  This is what it looks like!

Monday – Snow Day

Tuesday – Physical Characteristics Notes Middle East Physical Characteristics 2014 , Middle East Map Reviews – Chapter 17 HW was given to students Friday and that will be due tomorrow!(with Quiz of course!) Ch 17 Homework

Wednesday – Chapter 17 HW Quiz – Economic Characteristics Notes.  Chapter 18 will be handed out today.  Chapter 18 Homework  Due date-TBD.

Thursday and Friday – finish up Economic Characteristics, start Cultural Characteristics and review Monotheistic Religions.

Thursday – New due date for Chapter 17 HW!  Chapter 18 HW will be handed out today.  Due date will be determined after Nine Weeks Test on Thursday 3/27.

I decided to give a Map Test on Friday!

This week is very busy!  We begin North Africa and SW Asia(the Middle East), 8th graders have an SOL and we will participate in the State Wide Tornado Drill!

Here is our week:

Monday – Russia Test and Russia Notes due today!  Students will receive a North Africa and SW Asia Map middle east maps  and Chapter 16HW Chapter 16 Homework.  Map due Tuesday and HW due Friday(with a Quiz).

Tuesday – Intro to Middle East and Review Map

Wednesday and Thursday  -  These days will be a little crazy.  I won’t see some of my students due to the SOL.  Those I see will be working on SOL Vocabulary as well as North Africa and SW Asia info.

Friday – Early Dismissal!  Chapter 16 HW Quiz!

We are starting our study of Russia and the Republics(Central Asia)

Monday – Russia MapRussia map- due Tuesday, Chapter 13 HW/Quiz and Map Quiz(on Wednesday)Chapter 13 Homework

Tuesday – Review Russia Map, Physical Characteristics Notes

Wednesday – Chapter 13 HW/Quiz and Map Quiz./  Matrioshka doll project assigned(due Monday,  March 3rd.  Chapter 14 HW/Quiz FridayChapter 14 Homework

Thursday – Economic Notes

Friday -Chapter 14 HW/Quiz.  Chapter 15 HW will be handed out(due Tuesday, March 4th)

This week we finished up Latin America  and started with Europe.

This is what it looks like:

Monday – Latin America Test Review

Tuesday – Latin America Notes due and Latin America Test.  Students will be given Chapter 10 HW that is due on Friday.  Students may use that HW for their HW quiz that day.   Chapter 10 Homework

Wednesday – Map of Europe – Finish for Homework

Thursday – Physical Characteristics Notes

Friday – Chapter 10 HW Quiz.  Students will be given Chapter 11 HW.  Due date TBD.  Chapter 11 Homework


Friday, February 7th – Early Dismissal Day and REPORT CARDS GO HOME!

Tuesday, February 11th -  Parent-Teacher Conferences.  Call guidance if you wish to meet.

Please make sure your student has colored pencils and pencils!  I see an increasing amount of students asking for pencils daily!  I have colored pencils in the class but students need to have access to them at home as well.

We will be finishing our study of Latin America.

Here is our week!

Tuesday – Economic/ Political Notes – students will have one more day to get Chapter 9 done! due tomorrow!

Chapter 9 Homework

Wednesday – Finish Economic/Political Notes – Chapter 9 HW/Quiz

Thursday – Cultural Notes

Friday – Latin America Review – Finish Review Guide for HW.   Latin America Test Monday.





This week we begin our study of Latin America!  This is what it looks like:

Monday – Update Geography Binder, Finish US/Canada Project Presentations, Intro to Latin America will be going home!

Tuesday – Intro to Latin America, Latin America Maps (please make sure your student is bringing colored pencils to class!)  Chapter 7 HW will be delivered today.  Chapter 7 HW/Quiz on Thursday.   Ch.7 Homework

Wednesday – Physical Characteristics of Latin America

Thursday – Ch 7 HW/Quiz, Economic Characteristics

Friday -  Nine Weeks Test Review

Nine Weeks Test will be Tuesday, January 14th.

2nd Nine Weeks Study Guide

Jeremiah B Toronto , Canada

This week we  are starting our study of the World’s regions.  We begin with the United States and Canada.  This is what our week looks like:

Monday – Intro to US/Canada -  HW – U.S. Political Map

Tuesday – Physical Features of US/Canada Map – finish for HW

Wednesday – Review Physical Features Map – Chapter 4 HW will go home tonight!  Due on Friday!  Students will have a HW Quiz that day!  They may use their HW to complete Quiz.  Link to HW is attached.  Chapter 4 Homework

Thursday – Physical Characteristics Notes/Over America Video

Friday – Chapter 4 HW Quiz.  US/Canada Cities Map – Finish Map  for HW

Next week students should expect  a Map Test(Physical Features and Cities) and a US/Canada Project will be assigned.   Due dates to be determined.

Please make sure your student has colored pencils!  We will be using them often for maps and small projects.  Many students are telling me they don’t have them at home and are not completing assignments as directed.

PLEASE NOTE!  All due dates and assignments are subject to change!