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Students will be very busy the next few weeks.  Here is this week!

Monday- Review for Sub-Saharan Africa Test

Tuesday – Chapter 21HW Chapter 21 Homework due and Sub-Saharan Africa Test –  HW tonight – Asia Map Map of Asia and Organize Sub-Saharan Africa Notes(both due Wednesday!)

Wednesday – Update Binder with Sub-Saharan Africa Notes and Review Asia Map, begin Chapter 22HWChapter 22 Homework(due Friday with HW Quiz)

Thursday – Begin Asia Notes

Friday  - Asia Notes cont.. , Chapter 22 HW Quiz , Chapter 23 & 24 HW Chapter 23 Homework Chapter 24 Homework- students need to work on over break!  Will be due on Tuesday, April 29th.

Last Friday students worked on a Practice SOL from a few years ago.  Here is the link for the test available to any student who is interested in reviewing again.  2013 Test

We are working QUICKLY to get through our last few units!  Students WILL have Homework and should be working nightly to stay on top of all assignments.   This is what we have for this week:

Monday – Chapter 19HW and Quiz(I changed date!) Physical Notes – Chapter 20 went home today! Due Thursday. Chapter 20 Homework

Tuesday – Review North Africa and SW Asia Test(ask how your student did on this)

Wednesday – Economic Notes

Thursday – Chapter 20 HW Quiz – Cultural Notes – Chapter 21 will go home today –  Will be due the same day as Sub-Saharan Africa Test(I’m targeting Tuesday of next week) Chapter 21 Homework

Friday – Computer Cart – We will practice SOL Test using Laptops.

Please note schedule is always subject to change!  Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Students seem to be running low on pencils!!!  I have a limited supply and do not have enough to supply all students.  Please make sure your student is well stocked!  Thanks for your help.

This week we will finish North Africa and SW Asia and begin Sub-Saharan Africa.  This is what it looks like!

Monday – students completed Cultural Notes using laptops.  If your student needs to review,  here is the link:Culture and Religion of the Middle East

Tuesday – North Africa and SW Asia Review – TEST tomorrow! Middle East Test Study Guide

Wednesday – Test today!  Chapter 18 Chapter 18 Homeworkdue today!  This was given to them over a week ago.  They may use and will need for their test!

Thursday – Begin Sub-Saharan Africa- maps!

Friday – North Africa and SW Asia Notes due. Chapter 19Chapter 19 Homework due Tuesday.

This week we will step away from North Africa and SW Asia to review for Nine Weeks Test.   Students should be spending some time working on Chapter 18 HW.  It is a lengthy packet and they will be able to use it on their North Africa and SW Asia Test.  Due date for this packet will be the date of the Test, TBD.

Monday - Nine Week Test Vocabulary.  Review HERE! Nine Weeks Vocabulary

Tuesday – Work on Review Guide – Extra Copy HERE! Q3 Review Guide

Warmup Notebook due!

Wednesday – Last Day of Review

Thursday - Nine Weeks Test

Friday – Back to North Africa and SW Asia – Cultural Notes

This week we will continue our study of Southwest Asia and North Africa.  This is what it looks like!

Monday – Snow Day

Tuesday – Physical Characteristics Notes Middle East Physical Characteristics 2014 , Middle East Map Reviews – Chapter 17 HW was given to students Friday and that will be due tomorrow!(with Quiz of course!) Ch 17 Homework

Wednesday – Chapter 17 HW Quiz – Economic Characteristics Notes.  Chapter 18 will be handed out today.  Chapter 18 Homework  Due date-TBD.

Thursday and Friday – finish up Economic Characteristics, start Cultural Characteristics and review Monotheistic Religions.

Thursday – New due date for Chapter 17 HW!  Chapter 18 HW will be handed out today.  Due date will be determined after Nine Weeks Test on Thursday 3/27.

I decided to give a Map Test on Friday!

This week is very busy!  We begin North Africa and SW Asia(the Middle East), 8th graders have an SOL and we will participate in the State Wide Tornado Drill!

Here is our week:

Monday – Russia Test and Russia Notes due today!  Students will receive a North Africa and SW Asia Map middle east maps  and Chapter 16HW Chapter 16 Homework.  Map due Tuesday and HW due Friday(with a Quiz).

Tuesday – Intro to Middle East and Review Map

Wednesday and Thursday  -  These days will be a little crazy.  I won’t see some of my students due to the SOL.  Those I see will be working on SOL Vocabulary as well as North Africa and SW Asia info.

Friday – Early Dismissal!  Chapter 16 HW Quiz!

We will be finishing up our study of Russia and Central Asia.  This what it looks like:

Wednesday – Nesting Doll Project and Chapter 14 HW/Quiz today!  Students were given Chapter 15 HW(due Friday)Chapter 15 Homework and their Study Guide Russia & CA PPT Notesheetfor the Russia Test(Monday).

Thursday – Cultural Characteristics Notes

Friday – Review Study Guide

Over the weekend students should be organizing their Russia and Central Asia Notes(due Monday) and studying for their test Monday!



We are starting our study of Russia and the Republics(Central Asia)

Monday – Russia MapRussia map- due Tuesday, Chapter 13 HW/Quiz and Map Quiz(on Wednesday)Chapter 13 Homework

Tuesday – Review Russia Map, Physical Characteristics Notes

Wednesday – Chapter 13 HW/Quiz and Map Quiz./  Matrioshka doll project assigned(due Monday,  March 3rd.  Chapter 14 HW/Quiz FridayChapter 14 Homework

Thursday – Economic Notes

Friday -Chapter 14 HW/Quiz.  Chapter 15 HW will be handed out(due Tuesday, March 4th)

This week will be VERY busy!  Students were given Chapter 12 HW Chapter 12 Homework on Wednesday(prior to the Winter Storm Pax) and their Europe Passport Project.  Students were reminded to take both assignments and their book home so they could work on their assignments knowing we may be out of school for a couple of days.  Due dates for these assignments are as follows:

Chapter 12 HW/Quiz –  due Tuesday

Europe Passport Project –  due ThursdayEUROPE Passport Websites-Mrs. Black


This week we will continue our study of Europe.

Monday –  Europe Map Labeling contest – ALL students are expected to participate.  Extra Credit will be given based upon amount of countries correctly labeled.  This will be added to their Europe Test grade.

Tuesday – Chapter 12 HW Quiz, Cultural Notes

Wednesday – Europe Cities Map, Landmarks of Europe

Thursday – Europe Test Review /Organize Europe Notes

Friday – Europe Test


Russia map

This week we will continue our study of Europe!

Monday – Economic Characteristics -  Students completed using the laptops.  Copy attached for those who did not complete. Europe Economic Characteristics  Chapter 11 HW due tomorrow!!!

Tuesday -  Review Economic Notes.  Chapter 11 HW Quiz  Chapter 11 Homework

Landforms Map will go home to finish for HW.  Europe Landforms Map

Wednesday -  Review of Landforms Map – Introduction of Europe Passport Project -  Due date TBD

Thursday – continue with Europe Passport Project.

Friday – European Countries Map labeling contest.  All students will participate in this opportunity to earn extra credit on their Europe Test.  Europe Practice Map     Countries of Europe List Contest

*Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held on Tuesday, February 11th.  Call guidance for an appointment.