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Black World Geography Week of 11/16-11/20
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Here is our week:

We will be studying our unit on Population, Economic, and Regional Geography.  This week’s focus is on Push/Pull Factors, Population Pyramids, Developed/Developing Countries and Religions.

Students have been assigned a poster project where they need to come up with 4 Pull Factors attracting people to this area.  This is due on Monday, November 23rd.

Pull Factor Project

Chapter 3 HW was assigned last week Chapter 3 Homework

1st/2nd Block – HW Quiz Tuesday

3rd/4th Block – HW Quiz Wednesday

Reminder- Parent-Teacher conferences are Thursday, Nov. 19th. from 6-8pm.   Please schedule an appointment  with guidance if you wish to meet with me.





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Black World Geography Week of 11/9-11/13
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Here is our week:

Monday and Tuesday we will finish up our study of Human Environment Interaction.  1st/2nd Block will have the quiz Wednesday and 3rd/4th Block will have the Quiz Thursday.  We will immediately start our study on Population and Regional Geography.  Chapter 3 Homework

Chapter 3 will be due the following week.  Exact date TBD.

Pull Factor project will be assigned this week as well.  Due date for this will be Thursday, November 19th.

Important Dates:

Report Cards  – Friday, November 13th

Parent -Teacher conferences – Thursday, November 19th – call guidance

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Black World Geography Week of 10/26-10/30
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Here is our week!

We will begin our study on Human-Environment Interaction this week. We will need to pull away from it for a few days to review for the Nine Weeks Test.

Monday – Update in-class Binders.  These notes are a classwork grade.

Tuesday – Human-Environment Interaction Notes

Wednesday and Thursday – Human-Environment Notes and Nine Weeks Test Review1st Nine Weeks Study Guide 2014

Friday – 3rd & 4th Block – Nine Weeks Test

Monday – 1st & 2nd Block – Nine Weeks Test

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Black World Geography Week of 10/19-10/23
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Here is our week!

Monday/Tuesday – Finish up Chapter 2!

Wednesday – Chapter 2 Test!  Students should be organizing Chapter 2 Notes – due Monday, October 26th

Thursday  – A to Z culminating project begins today!  We will use class time to add vocabulary words to the A to Z folders.  Students will see this later in the year as an SOL preparation project!

Friday – Human-Environment Interaction


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Black World Geography Week of 10/12-10/16
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Here is our week!

We will be studying the Climate Regions of the World.

Wednesday –  Lines of Latitude and Climate Zones Quiz

HW – students will need to complete HW assignments this week.

1st – World Climate Zones Visual Chart Climate Regions HW Chart

Must have a color visual representing each of the World’s climate regions.  Use notes and textbook page 60!

2nd – World Climate Zones Map Climate Regions Map

Students will create their own Climate Regions Map.  Use textbook pages 2-3 to complete.

Both of these assignments will be due on Monday, October 19th.

Reminders – Friday, October 16th is an Early Dismissal day.

Next week students should expect a test on Chapter 2!

Please make sure your student has colored pencils!

All due dates subject to change!

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Black World Geography Week of 10/5-10/9
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Here is our week!

All blocks will be studying Forces that shape the Earth, Landforms, Seasons, Weather, and Climate Regions.

Students should have a few assignments they should be working on!

Landform Foldable –  students will be illustrating and defining 9 landforms of the world.  They need to be using color!

1st and 2nd Block – due Thursday 10/8

3rd and 4th Block – due Tuesday 10/6

Chapter 2 HW Chapter 2 2015 – students should be using their textbook to answer questions.  They will have a quiz on the day it is due.  Best part!  They get to use THEIR HW!

1st and 2nd Block – due Friday 10/9

3rd and 4th Block – due Monday 10/12


Please note – due dates subject to change!


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Black World Geography Week of 9/28-10/2
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Here is our week:

Chapter 1 Test – Monday-3rd/4th Block, Tuesday – 1st/2nd Block- Organized Notes(for classwork grade) will be due the day after test.

The rest of the week will be spent working on Physical Geography.  We will start by reviewing Parts of the Earth and Plate Tectonics.  Your student will be bringing home Chapter 2 Part 1   Chapter 2 Part 1 the end of the week.  It will be due(with a Quiz) next week.  TBD

Many parents are asking about Homework frequency in this class.  My best answer:  students ALWAYS have some sort of Homework!  It might not be due the following day, but they almost always have something they should be working on!  I recommend all students practice labeling countries of the world!  Many of my students have limited map skills and could use the practice!  Here is a practice map they can print out at home!World Maps

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Black World Geography Week of 9/21-9/25
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This is what our week looks like!

We will continue to study Basic Geography Skills.

Students should have a Chapter 1 Vocabulary Packet they should be working on and bringing to class everyday.

All blocks will have a quiz on the Major Lines of Latitude this week.   Blocks 1 and 2 on Friday. Blocks 3 and 4 on Thursday.

Chapter 1 Test is tentatively scheduled for next Wednesday.


Note:  all dates subject to change!  Students should be writing down all Homework in their agenda.

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Black World Geography Week of 9/14-9/18
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This is our week:

Monday/Tuesday  – All blocks will be taking their Pre-Assessment.  Chapter Chapter 1 Hwk 1 HW will go home these days.  All blocks will have until Friday to complete.

Mental MapsMental Map of the World Activity – students will learn about Mental Maps.  Students will create a map showing their route from home to school.  3rd and 4th Block-due Thursday.  1st and 2nd Block-due Friday.  I want to see some color in these!

5 Themes of Geography Notes

Chapter 1 Vocabulary will be given as well.  Due date for this TBD.


Please note all due dates are subject to change!

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Black – World Geography Week of 9/8-9/11
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Trying to get use to this new schedule!

All Blocks need to read Mrs. Black’s Class Expectations and return to me by Thursday!

Tuesday – we will discuss class teams and jobs as well as learning about how the class works.( This is an ongoing process)

Wednesday –  All students should have books and we will learn how to use it!

Thursday –   We will continue learning how to use the book! (All students NEED to bring book to class everyday!)   Students will have a flag assignment allowing them to practice using textbook.

Friday – I hope to start Basic Geography Skills Unit today!   5 Themes of Geography Notes!


Pre-Assessment Tests will take place next week!  3rd and 4th Block – Monday, 1st and 2nd Block – Tuesday.


I encourage all parents to sign up for REMIND.  You can directly contact me safely using a cell phone.  I will teach students how to sign up during class.   It is a great communication device!  It’s so easy to join!  Text 81010 and message @pblack!  I would love to see all parents and students join in!  It’s a great way for us to stay in touch!


PLEASE NOTE!  – All plans subject to change at anytime!

Black Pamela @ 10:23 pm