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Black World Geography Week of 4/27-5/1
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Here is our week!

Monday – ASEAN Warmup, Finish SE Asia Notes, ASIA Review Packet – hand out Chapters 28,29,30Chapter 28 Homework Chapter 29 – 30 Homework

Tuesday – Chapters 26/27 HW Quiz due today.  ASIA Notes and Review Packet due! (Test Grade)

Wednesday – Australia Warmup, Map, and Notes Australia Powerpoint

Thursday – Chapters 28,29,30 Quiz

Friday – SOL Review


World Geography SOL on Friday, May 15th!


Black Pamela @ 2:49 pm
Black World Geography Week of 4/20-4/24
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We are down to less than 20 days before SOL on May 15th.  Students WILL have homework every night!

Here is our week:

Monday – South Asia Notes – hand out Chapter 25 HWChapter 25 Homework  Quiz will be Wednesday.

Tuesday – Finish Asia Notes – Chapter 23-24 HW quiz

Wednesday – Finish SOL Vocabulary.  Explain the A to Z Folder Project due on May 4th. A to Z Project

East Asia NotesEast Asia Powerpoint  Chapter 25 HW Quiz.  Hand out Chapters 26-27 HW Chapter 26-27 HW

Chapters 26-27 HW/Quiz due Monday

Thursday – Finish East Notes

Friday – Southeast Asia Notes Southeast Asia Powerpoint

Black Pamela @ 4:02 pm
Black World Geography Week of 4/13-4/17
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Things that were given out before break that are due this week:

Chapter 21 HW – due Tuesday

SOL Vocabulary – Pages 1-5 due Friday


Here is our week:

Monday – Sub-Saharan Africa Cultural Notes, Test Review

Tuesday – Chapter 21 HW due – will review questions as needed.  Sub-Saharan Test Review

Wednesday – Sub-Saharan Test.

HW – Chapter 22 HW Chapter 22 Homework– due Friday.  Map of Asia  Map of Asia.  

Thursday –  Review Asia Map and Asia Notes

Friday –  Asia Notes, Chapter 22 HW Quiz, SOL Vocabulary Packet Review – Pages 6-10 to be completed

by Wednesday of next week.

Black Pamela @ 3:11 pm
Black World Geography Week of 3/30-4/2
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Black SOL Practice Test Websites 2015


Here is our week before Spring Break!

Monday – Economic Notes Economic Characteristics– Warmup #1 – 4th Nine Weeks

Tuesday – Warmup # 2 – Chapter 20 HW Review. Chapter 20 HW/Quiz today!  Junior Scholastic African Countries assignment.  Chapter 21 HW Chapter 21 Homework will go home today!  Due  Tuesday, April 14th.

Wednesday – SOL Practice in the computer lab.

Thursday – Cultural Characteristics – Warmup TBD

Students will have Homework over break!  They will have Chapter 21 HW and a SOL Vocabulary Packet.  The Chapter 21 HW will be due by Tuesday and the first 4 pages of the SOL Packet will be due that Monday.

Black Pamela @ 10:31 pm
Black World Geography Week of 3/23-3/27
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Monday – NA & SW Asia Notes due.  Review Sub-Saharan Map. Map 2015 Nine Weeks Test Vocabulary.  Please review if needed! Nine Weeks Vocabulary

Tuesday – Sub-Saharan Physical Notes Physical Characteristics.  3rd Nine Weeks Test Review. Q3 Review Guide

Wednesday – Nine Weeks Test Review

Thursday – Nine Weeks Test

Friday – Chapter 19 HW Quiz(given out on 3/20) Chapter 19 Homework

Black Pamela @ 8:38 pm
Black World Geography Week of 3/16-3/20
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Here is our week!

We are finishing up our study of North Africa and SW Asia.  We will be moving quickly and students will have Homework EVERY night!

Monday – Warmups 16,17,18 due.  Review as a Class.

Tuesday – Chapter 17 HW Quiz and Economic Notes Middle East Economic Characteristics.  Here is a copy if you want to review.

Chapter 18 HWChapter 18 Homework 2015 goes home today.  It will be due Friday.  Students will need it for the test!

Wednesday – Cultural Characteristics Notes ME Cultural Characteristics.  Here is a copy if you want to review.  North Africa and SW Asia Study Guide to go home.  Due Thursday! Middle East Test StudyGuide

Thursday – Test Review

Friday – North Africa and SW Asia Test

Black Pamela @ 3:18 pm
Black World Geography Week of 3/9-3/13
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We will finish Russia today with the Test and start North Africa and SW Asia with Maps!  Busy week!

This is what it looks like:

Monday – Russia Test.  Students left today with North Africa and Southwest Asia Maps(to be finished tonight and brought to class tomorrow). middle east maps for website They also have Chapter 16 HW Chapter 16 Homework – Due with a quiz on Friday.

Tuesday – Review Maps.  Physical Notes.

Wednesday & Thursday- SOL Testing!  I will not see most of my students these days.  I will be proctoring and they will be taking the SOL.  I will see my 4th and 5th Period classes. We will spend the time starting SOL Vocabulary and expanding on the current unit we are studying.

Friday – Early dismissal.  Chapter 16 HW Quiz.  Chapter 17 Chapter 17 Homework will go home today!  Due with a quiz on Tuesday.

Black Pamela @ 3:58 pm
Black World Geography Week of 2/20-2/27
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Here is our week:

Friday – We started our study of Russia and Central Asia.  Here is a copy of the map!  Russia map

Chapter 13 HW Chapter 13 Homework went home as well!  This is due Tuesday with a HW


Monday – We will add our Europe notes today!  These need to be organized before coming to class!

Review Russia Map

Tuesday – Russia Physical Characteristics and Chapter 13 HW Quiz.  Chapter 14 HW will go home today!

Chapter 14 Homework  HW and Quiz Thursday.

Wednesday – Economic Characteristics. Matrioshka Doll Project Matrioshka – Project due Monday!

Thursday – Finish Economic Characteristics.  Chapter 14 HW Quiz.  Chapter 15 HW will go home today.

Chapter 15 Homework and Quiz will be Monday.


Friday – Cultural Notes

Due to Snow Day Chapter 14 HW quiz will be Friday or the next day I see them!  Chapter 15 HW Quiz will still be on Monday so students should be working on this!  I gave this to them on Wednesday with the anticipation of the pending snow day!

Black Pamela @ 3:09 pm
Black World Geography Week of 2/9-2/13
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Here is our week!

Monday – Chapter 12 HW Quiz Chapter 12 Homework  Europe countries map practice using computers.  Tomorrow will be European Countries Contest.  This is a great opportunity for your student to earn Extra Credit.  They should have a list of the countries and a practice map.

Tuesday – Europe Countries Contest, Chapter 12 HW quiz if we don’t get to it Monday.

Wednesday- Cultural Notes, Europe Study Guide Europe Study Guide

Thursday – Review

Friday – Europe Test

Please note on your calendars the World Geography SOL date has moved!  It will now be on Wednesday, May 13th. Due to this we will not be doing the Europe Passport Assignment.  I’m offering it as Extra Credit to ALL STUDENTS!

Black Pamela @ 8:51 am
Black World Geography Week of 2/2-2/6
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Our week:

Monday – Physical Notes – Chapter 10 HW Quiz- Chapter 11 HW/Quiz due Wednesday Chapter 11 Homework

Tuesday – Economic Notes using Laptops – Copy for those who want to review.  Europe Economic Characteristics

Wednesday – Chapter 11 HW Quiz – Chapter 12 HW/Quiz due Monday Chapter 12 Homework

Thursday – Europe Passport Project – Students will have class time to complete.  As long as they stay focused they should be able to complete in class.  Here is a list of websites to help complete the Passport. EUROPE Passport Websites-Mrs. Black  Passport Project due Wednesday, February 11.

Friday – Passport Project

*All due dates subject to change.

Black Pamela @ 7:36 am