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Black World Geography Week of 5/23-5/26
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Here is our week!

Students took the World Geography SOL on Tuesday.  Students who are eligible for retakes will do so on Tuesday, May 31st.  I will let students know this week if they need to retake.  I will be here Thursday after school for last minute review!

Students have 2 items that are due by Tuesday, May 31st.:

  1. SOL Review Packet

2. 4th Nine Weeks Warmups

We will spend the rest of the year with various in-class projects.  We will also be watching the movie “The 33” next week.  It is based on  the real-life events when a copper and gold mine collapses.  Since it is rated PG-13 I will need parents/guardians to sign a permission slip.  Permission Slip 2016   Please be on the lookout!

Black Pamela @ 9:23 am
Black World Geography Week of 5/16-5/20
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Today the Geography A to Z Folder was due.  Of my 90+ students, I only received 40 projects.  Please note that 10 points are being deducted for each day it is late.  Interims go home Friday, so keep an eye out for them!

This week is all about SOL review.  Students should bring their binder and SOL Review Packet to class everyday!  They will be assigned pages each night.  Encourage students to review their notes in their “In Class Binder”.  It was completed today and is a valuable tool in the review process.


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Black World Geography Week of 5/9-5/13
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I know it’s late but here it is:

Monday-Wednesday – Finish Asia, Australia, & Antarctica Notes.

Thursday – Chapters 28-30 HW due!  Chapter 28 Homework  Chapter 29 – 30 Homework

Thursday/Friday – SOL Practice Test

Please Note!  World Geography SOL is Tuesday, May 24th.  Students will be given a SOL Review Packet Monday.  They will be assigned parts of it all next week!  They should be busy!

A to Z Project was assigned last Friday.  Students should have what they need to complete.  It is due on Monday, May 16th!

Black Pamela @ 2:15 pm
Black World Geography Add HW
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Here is Chapter 25-27 HWChapter 25,25,27 HW 2016

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Black World Geography Week of 5/2-5/6
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Here is our week:

Students should be busy working on Chapters 25-27 HW.  It is due on Thursday.  Students should also have an SOL Vocabulary Packet.  Each night they should work on a few pages.

Monday – East Asia Notes.  HW – pages 5-6 on SOL Vocabulary.

Tuesday – East Asia Notes cont.. start SE Asia.  HW – pages 7-8 on SOL Vocabulary.

Wednesday – SE Asia Notes.  HW – pages 9-10 on SOL Vocabulary.

Thursday – Chapters 25-27 HW due today!  Review SOL Vocabulary and A to Z Project will be assigned.

Friday – Australia Notes.  Chapters 28-30 HW will go home.  Due date TBD.

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Black World Geography Week of 4/25-4/29
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Thursday – 3rd and 4th Block Only!  Chapters 22-24HW Quiz will be done in class!  So they will not be taking the HW Quiz home.

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Black World Geography Week of 4/25-4/29
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Here is our week:

Monday – South Asia Notes,Maps, & Warmup.  South Asia Powerpoint

Tuesday- South Asia cont…

Wednesday – Finish South Asia.  All students should have an SOL Vocabulary Packet. We will be working on that the next week or so.  I expect ALL students to have the first 4 pages done by Friday.SOL Vocabulary Word Bank

Thursday – Chapters 22,23, & 24 HW due.  We go over any items that can’t be found.  TAKE HOME QUIZ will go home and due FRIDAY!!!!

Friday –  We will start  East & SE Asia .  Chapters 25,26, and 27 will go home.  Date due TBD.

Black Pamela @ 3:54 pm
Black World Geography Week of 4/18-4/22
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Busy Week!  Here it is:

Monday/Tuesday – Notes!  Economic and Cultural.  Chapter 20Chapter 20 Homework HW and Take Home Quiz due on Tuesday!

Wednesday – Sub-Saharan Africa Review –  Will be collected for a grade.   Sub-Saharan Africa Map for Website

Sub-Saharan Africa Study Guide

Thursday – Sub-Saharan Test!

Friday – Begin our last region.  Asia, Australia, and Antarctica.

Asia Map and Chapter 22,23,&24 HW will go home Thursday.  Asia Map due the next day.  Chapters 22,23,&24 will be due the following week.  Exact date TBD!

Chapter 22, 23, & 24 HW 2016

Map of Asia

PLEASE NOTE!  World Geography SOL is scheduled for Thursday, May 26th.  It is an Exam Grade and will be 20% of student’s 2nd Semester Grade.

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Black World Geography Week of 4/11-4/15
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Here is our week:

We will start Sub-Saharan Africa.  Chapter 19 HW Chapter 19 Homework went home Friday.  It will be due Wednesday.  We will review any questions students may have.  It will go home that day as a Take Home Quiz. DUE THE NEXT DAY!!!!!

Monday – Africa Map

Tuesday/Wednesday – Physical Notes – Take Home Quiz.

Chapters 20 & 21 HW will go out Wednesday as well.  Chapter 20 due Monday and Chapter 21 due Wednesday.

Thursday – Finish Physical Notes-Economic Notes

Friday – Teacher Work Day


Black Pamela @ 3:50 pm
Black World Geography Week of 4/4-4/8
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Hope everyone had a restful Spring Break!  World Geography students will be very busy the next few weeks finishing up the study of all the regions of the world!  This week we will finish up North Africa and SW Asia.


North Africa and SW Asia Test – Friday, April 8th

Middle East Test Study Guide  – will be turned in for a grade on Friday before they take the test.


Chapter 18 HW- due Friday, April 8th

Chapter 18 Homework 2015 –  This went home before the break and is due on Friday.  Students will be able to use it on the test! Please make sure they are working on this at home so that they can take advantage of this added bonus.  In addition,  they will need it for a few questions on the test.

3rd Nine Weeks Warmup Notebook – due Friday, April 8th.

North Africa and SW Asia Notes will be due the following week.

Due date- TBD




Black Pamela @ 4:13 pm