PowerSchool Single Sign On Account

Fredericksburg City Public Schools is pleased to provide parents with a tool to manage their contact phone numbers, e-mails and text messaging (SMS) numbers for all school announcements.  We use SchoolMessenger to contact parents and students about important information and announcements using the contact information in PowerSchool.  However, you may want to have additional phone numbers, e-mail accounts or text numbers used by our system for sending notifications to you or may need to update information we have collected.
To use our Contact Manager system you must first create a PowerSchool Single Sign On account.  You can do this using the Create Account button on the Parent/Guardian login for PowerSchool.  For information on how to create this account you may review our PDF document of instructions or watch the instructional video that provides step by step instructions.
Once you’re created your Single Sign On account in PowerSchool, and have associated your students with your account, you can now view and monitor those accounts with your one login to PowerSchool.  You are now able to use the SchoolMessenger Contact Manager tool.
Once logged in to PowerSchool, click the small arrow in the upper right of the window…
When you click this icon a sliding window appears with a list of available applications.  Click on Contact Manager.
This will log you into the Contact Manger system in a new browser window.
In the SchoolMessenger Contact Manager system you can view past messages for your students in the Messages tab and you can manage your contact information for each, or all, of your students in the Contacts tab.
To change your contact information for your student(s) click the Edit link to the right of their name (in the Contacts tab).
The first phone number is from PowerSchool and can only be changed by contacting your student’s school office and changing the phone number through them.  The same applies to the first e-mail address.
You may enter up to three additional phone numbers, three additional e-mails and four text (SMS) phone numbers.
For each phone or e-mail entered you can select what type of messages you want to be sent to that contact.  This allows you to provide one phone number for attendance notifications and a different phone number for emergencies.  Perhaps you want emergency and attendance calls to go to your home number, but only emergency calls to go to your cell phone.
If you check the box at the bottom to Save To All Contacts then your changes will be made to all of your students associated with your account.
Click the Save button to save your changes