Non-Discrimination Regulations

The Fredericksburg City School Board has designated the Compliance Officer Dr. Matthew Eberhardt, 210 Ferdinand Street Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401; email:; telephone 540-372-1130, as the Compliance Officer responsible for identifying, preventing and remedying prohibited discrimination.  Dr. Eberhardt is also the Title IX officer for Fredericksburg City Public Schools. Complaints of discrimination may also be made to the Alternate Compliance Officer who is Ms. Sue Keffer, 210 Ferdinand St Street, Fredericksburg, VA 22401; email:; telephone 540-372-1130. The Compliance Officer shall

  • receive reports or complaints of discrimination;
  • conduct or oversee the investigation of any alleged discrimination;
  • assess the training needs of the school division in connection with this policy;
  • arrange necessary training to achieve compliance with this policy; and
  • ensure that any discrimination investigation is conducted by an impartial investigator who is trained in the requirements of equal education opportunity and has the authority to protect the alleged victim and others during the investigation.