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Upcoming Week

Fall Festival in on Octover 31st (Thursday).  We have received slips back indicating the following donations:

  • water bottles
  • cheese plate
  • napkins
  • plates
  • pretzels
  • tortilla chips

If you are able to send another healthy snack that is on the list, that would be great!

The agenda for this week is differnt than most.  Because we are still taking 9 weeks tests, I will not be sending homework daily.

Monday – Reading test

Tuesday – Math test

Wednesday – VA Studies test

Friday- Science test

We will be taking UNIT tests for Problem and Soluction (reading), Multiplication (math), and Plants (science) once we have completed the 9 weeks tests.  The information from these units will be on the 9 weeks test, but I want them to concentrate solely on the 9 weeks test and worry about the unit test afterward.

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