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Upcoming Week

Upcoming Week

9 weeks tests will begin on Wednesday October 23rd.  These are important tests and students should study, get a good night’s rest before, and eat a good breakfast. I will be sending home STUDY PACKETS to help students reveiw.  Each packet is to be completed at home and signed by an adult.  If students bring the signed packet back before the test, they will be entered into a classroom raffle!

Test Dates

10/23- Wrtiing Prompt

10/24 – Writing Multiple Choice

10/28 – Reading

10/29- Math

10/30 – VA Studies

11/1 – Science



  • Plants
  • SOL:  4.4 The student will investigate and understand basic plant anatomy and life processes. 
  • Anticipated Test Date  10/31
  • Study Guide will be done at school due to 9 weeks testing


  • Multiplication
  • SOL: 4.4 a-g, 4.5a-b, 4.16a-b
  • PLEASE NOTE:  we use box, traditional and lattice methods to solve multiplication problems.  I have VIDEOS on my website (under the tab “Show Me How”)  that show how to do each and will send home a sheet showing box and lattice when we begin
  • Test Date – AFTER 9 weeks tests, but SOME of this material will be on the 9 weeks test


  • Preparing for the 9 weeks test



  • Problem and Solution
    • SOL: 4.5 e
    • Test Date


  • Unit 2 – list will be sent in Wednesday Folders and is available
  • Spelling Test  TBD after 9 weeks tests
  • Vocabulary Test TBD after 9 weeks tests


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