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September 2013
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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Homework 9/30

Read for reading log

Round to the Nearest Hundred

Study for Science Test



Homework and Upcoming Week

Upcoming Week


  • Study guide due MONDAY 10/30
  • Test 10/2

VA Studies

  • Jamestown
  • SOL: VS 1 a-I; VS2 d-g; VS 3 a-g
  • Anticipated Test Date  10/17
  • Study Guide Due 10/16


  • SOL: 4.1d,e,f & 4.3c,f,g
  • Test Date 10/4


  • SOL 4.8d: Use noun/pronoun agreement.
  • Prompt: The Best School Year Ever


  • Word Reference Material
  • SOL: 4.4 The student will expand vocabulary when reading c) Use word reference materials, including the glossary, dictionary, and thesaurus 
  • Test Date 10/4


  • Unit 1 – list will be sent in Wednesday Folders and is available ON THIS TAB
  • Spelling Test 10/10
  • Vocabulary Test 10/11

Homework 6/26

Begin Science Study Guide – due Monday (date changed)

Comparing and Ordering Decimals

Reading Log due tomorrow

Homework 9/24

Read for reading log

Suffixes – ful and -less

Number Climbing

ALL incomplete classwork is due tomorrow!

Homework 9/23

Read for Reading Log

Prefixes dis and un worksheet

 Creepy Comparisons worksheet

ANY incomplete classwork

Late work notes have been sent home with students who have a C or below and are missing work and should be singed and returned tomrorow.  Students know where papers are in the classroom and have been given time to get any papers that need in order to complete their incomplete work.

Thursday, Friday, & Next Week

I will be out Thursday afternoon and Friday for meetings, so I would like to make sure to get this information to you for the next few days.

1 – There will be no homework sent home on Thursday.  Students should study for the VA Regions test Friday.

2 – Reading Logs are due on Friday. They sub has been instructed to collect them for me.

Have a great weekend 🙂


Upcoming Week


  • Scientific Investigations
  • SOL: 4.1 a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,I,j,k,l,m
  • Anticipated Test Date  10/1
  • Study Guide Due 9/30


  • Comparing and Rounding Whole Numbers and Decimals
  • SOL:4.1d,e,f & 4.3c,f,g
  • Anticipated Test Date 10/2


  • Subject Verb Agreement and Writing For a Variety of Purposes
  • Prompt: My Best School Year Ever
  • SOL: 4.8 a & 4.7j


  • Beging Roots and Affixes
  • SOL: 4.2 b
  • Will assess with other skills later

Homework 9/18

Read for reading log

Review study guide for Math test test tomorrow.

Review for VA Studies test Friday

Homework 9/17

Read for reading log


Decimal Number Line Worksheet

TEST THURSDAY <—- this has been CHANGED

Complete VA Regions Study Guide

TEST FRIDAY <—- this has been CHANGED

Back To School Night is TONIGHT!!!!!!! I look forward to seeing all you there!



I need to be out Thursday afternoon for a meeting and Friday morning for a meeting.  I will have the MATH test on THRUSDAY and VA STUDIES on FRIDAY to allow one extra day of review.  Sorry for the confusion!


Homework 9/16

Read for reading log

Context Clues test on WEDESDAY 9/18

Math: Base 10 Decimals worksheet

Math test on FRIDAY 9/19 – begin studying SOON

Social Studies: VA Regions Study Guide to be completed by WEDNESDAY  TEST ON THURSDAY- please note, this is a content heavy test, and student should begin studying SOON.

Back to School Night is tomorrow at 6:00 – I hope to see all of you there!