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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Homework 4/18

Reading logs are due tomorrow

Spelling test (lesson 13) tomorrow

SOL Training Manual Wk 3 due tomorrow

Science Test Rescheduled


The science end of the year  test that was scheduled for this week will be rescheduled.  I will keep you updated as to when we will give it and of course I will send a study packet.

Homework 4/16

Read 25 minutes

Sol Training Manual Week 3 (due Friday)

Spelling Lesson 13 Tests Thursday and Friday

Homework 4/15

Read 25 minutes

Get 8 hours of sleep (the kids were very tired today and this lead to some arguments and grumpy moods).

Virginia History 9 Weeks test TOMORROW.


Upcoming Week

We are on the fast track to taking our SOLs! Students are coming home tonight with details about their 9 weeks tests and areas that they need to study for the upcoming SOLs.  I hope that this is helpful as you continue to work at home! I have reminded the students how to use the website to practice at home, so ask them to show you :).  I have outlined our upcoming week – we will be busy, busy, busy polishing our skills to do our best on the test!


Review for Reading SOL

 Wordly Wise

Lesson 13 tests on April 17 &18

Social Studies

Review for 9 weeks test

Test date April 16


SOL 4.1 & 4.2

Begin Force Motion and Energy


Pattern test Monday (we reviewed and studied at school)

Review for SOL

SOL Parent Night

Welcome parents!

Thank you for joining us for SOL Parent Night.  The Virginia Department of Education continually makes changes to the tests that we give to students each year.  The tests that have been developled for the 201-2013 school year have increased rigor as well as added technology enhanced questions. We have compiled the following resources to help you understand what your child will be doing as well as ways to help them prepare to do their best on the upcoming tests!

Click on the links below for examples of what the SOL test will look like:

These are items that the VADOE has identified as focus points for students taking the SOLs this year and helpful resources:

Now that you know what it will look like and what to study, here are some resources that can help you:

4/11 Homework

Reading logs and SOL Training Week 2 due tomorrow.

SOL Parent night is TONIGHT from 6:30-7:00. Come out for FREE PIZZA!

Homework 4/9

Read 25 minutes

SOL Training Manual Week 2 – begin today and complete by Friday

We are almost out of pencils – please send some if you have extras at home 🙂

SOL Parent night is THIS THURSDAY! I will be here to show you how to prepare your student and what to expect on the upcoming SOLs. I hope to see you there 🙂

Practice for tomorrow’s test

I have found a practice test online that will be helpful for tomorrow’s test. It is  NOT EXACTLY what we have studied, but it is  close and good expericence.


Upcoming Week and homework 4/8

Welcome back from  break! I hope that everyone took advantage of the few sunny days that we had :).

We still have some 9 weeks tests to complete, and we have begun to review for the SOLs in reading and math using the data that we collected from those 9 weeks tests. 

  • I will begin sending home WEEKLY SOL REVIEW PACKETS that contain reading and math at the begining of every week.  They are due every Friday
  • It is best to break them into chunks ( a little every day) as there is a lot of work and it may be too much for one night).
  • These count as a homework grade, but more importantly, they are specifically designed to help your student get ready for the SOL.
  • I will send home Week 2 on Tuesday (we skipped week 1 and have a 9 weeks test tomorrow, so I’m sending it home a day later) and it will be due on Friday.


Targeted reteaching of skills for the SOL: Author’s Purpose


Review for Writing 9 weeks test

Multiple Choice: April 9

Writing: April 23

Wordly Wise

Begin Lesson 13

Projected test dates April 18 & 19

VA History

Reviewing for the 9 weeks test: April 16

*We will continue Science after the 9 weeks test


Begin Patterns SOL 4.15 – Projected test date April 15