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February 2013
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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Homework 2/28

Read 25 minutes (Reading logs are due tomorrow!!)

Comparing Fractions With Mixed Numbers

Reading test MOVED to Monday

Math test on Monday

Field trip permission slips and money are due MONDAY.


Homework 2/27

Read 25 minutes

Reading test on Friday

Multiplication Challenge 9’s test tomorrow

Persmission Slips and money due for Hanover Tavern Field trip by March 4th

We are almost out of pencils.  Please remember us if you come accross some on sale 🙂


Homework 2/26

Read 25 minutes

Making Simple Inferences Worksheet

FINISH Adding and Subtracting Fractions in SIMPLEST FORM

Read Across America Day on Friday

Homework 2/25

Comparing Fractions #1

Abraham Lincoln

Read 25 minutes

Writing Quiz tomorrow (adverbs, adjectives, double negatives)

Please send pencils!

Upcoming Week


SOL: 4.6f 4.5h Making Inferences & Drawing Conclusions

Projected Test date March 1


SOL: 4.7 & 4.8c,f

Continuing double negatives

Quiz on adverbs, adjectives and double negatives February 26

Writing “My Best Friend” prompt

–         Adding adverbs and adjectives to make writing more exciting

–         Adding connecting words so readers can follow our stories

Wordly Wise

We got behind last week and are continuing Lesson 10.  Projected test dates are March 4 & 5

Social Studies

SOL: 4.7 Civil War

Projected Test Date March 4


SOL: 4.2a-f Comparing and Ordering Fractions

SOL: 4.5 c-f & h Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Projected Test Date March 3


Tomorrow is college spirit day.

Wear a college t-shirt or sweatshirt to show your spirit!

Homework 2/21

Science Solar System  test tomorrow.

Reading logs due tomorrow.

Adding Fractions D1 worksheet

We are in need of pencils, please.  If you can send some to the class, we would really appreciate it 🙂


The 8’s multiplication test is tomorrow

Homework 2/20

Read 25 minutes

Making Peace With Dandelions

Science test  MOVED TO FRIDAY!

Study guide must be completed tomorrow so we can correct it together

   Things that are especially difficult on the science test:

  • order of the planets from the sun
  • order of the planets from largest to smallest
  • phases of the moon
  • Earth’s position for the seasons


There is no homework tonight and Tuesday Folders will go home tomorrow because I am out sick.