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Catalogue: Destiny
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Social Sciences Sites


Daryl Cagle’s Professional Cartoonists Index
A big big site of political cartoons.
FDR Cartoon Archive

Propaganda Analysis Home Page
Why you shouldn’t believe everything you read!

Homeland Security Sites

The National Strategy for Homeland Security:  Office of Homeland Security
A White House site outlining the proposed Office of Homeland Security.

Political Parties
Republican National Committee
Green Party
Communist Party USA
Democratic National Committee
Reform Party
Libertarian Party

U.S. Government 
The White House
United States Government Manual
FedStats: One Stop Shopping for Federal Statistics
Your portal to Census 2000 Data — from the University of Michigan
Budget of the United States Government for 2003
Finding Court Opinions on the Web
The Oyez Project
The US Supreme Court Multimedia Database, provides summaries of cases, biographies and portraits of the justices, information on the current docket, and reviews of historical cases.

 Commonwealth of Virginia Sites
Commonwealth of Virginia Home Page
Virginia Department of Education
Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles
Check this site for all types of car and license information, plus take a sample DMV test.
Virginia Internet Resources for K-12
Quick links to government agencies, museums, radio/television, historic sites…and more.

Fredericksburg City Government Sites
This site is a guide to the city council, city offices, and employees.World History

A Bow of the Head:  Religions of the World
Britannia History
A comprehensive treatment of Britain’s history from the prehistoric era to modern times.
Collapse:  Why Do Civilizations Fall?
Why did Copan and Anasazi civilizations fall?
The Legacy of Genghis Khan
Courtly Art and culture in Western Asia, 1256-1353
Internet Modern History Sourcebook
This is a huge project out of Fordham University that links you to a wealth of primary source materials (and not all are “modern”).  The site specializes in European and American history, Western Civilization, and World Cultures.
Islam — a site from the University of Georgia.  Links to other good sites.
Islamic Belief, Law and Practice
The Islamic World to 1600
Religions Traditions
This is a page from the larger site, Finding God in Cyberspace, and here you will find information on the world’s major religions.
Renaissance:  What Inspired This Age of Balance and Order?

Rise of Hitler: Interactive lessons

Pyramid Sites

Ancient Activities, including Egyptian links
Nova’s Pyramid Site
Virtual Tours of Pyramids and Other Ancient Sites


Country Information, Regional and World Rankings
Global Statistics
Kids Count Data Book Online
A place to generate custom graphs, maps, ranked lists, and lots of information on states of the U.S.
Library of Congress Country Studies
Examines the resources of planet Earth in a variety of ways, including by country.  See what the environment of a country is like, check basic information, and find out about resources.
U.S. State Department Background Notes

Atlapedia Online
CIA World Factbook

Specific Countries/Regions
Ancient China

Web of Culture
The Africa Guide
All About China
Daily Life in Ancient Rome
Silk Road Seattle
This is a collaborative educational project that explores cultural interaction across Eurasia from the beginning of the Common Era (A.D.) to the Sixteenth Century.  It has great sections on Xi’an/Chang’an, Food, Dwellings, and Religion of the time.
Middle East Media Research Institute – MEMRI

 U.S. Geography — State and City Information
The 50 States of the United States
States Web Games
Fun ways to learn state geography, capitals, facts, etc.
USA CityLink
Yahoo! Get Local
ZIP Code Lookup and Address Information
The Population Profile of the United States

Map Sites
National Geographic Map Machine
Xpeditions Atlas
An online atlas that allows you to select both the country and type of map you want to view.
Outline Maps
A small collection of maps that can print on one page
Blank State Outline Maps
Includes the capital with a star and each major city with a dot
World Factbook Country Maps
Maps are updated each year and will print on a single page
Guide to Reference Maps
A small collection of world, continent, and regional maps
Perry-Casteneda Library Map Collection
Huge collection arranged by continent…includes historical maps
UN Atlas of the Oceans
World Sites Atlas

U.S. History
Photographer to the World
A collection of photographs taken by photographers from Detroit Publishing who went out to see the country, particularly the west, in 1895.
Presidents of the United States
Lower East Side Temement Museum
Turns of the Century Exhibit
Looks at three century turning times:  1680-1720, 1780-1820, and 1880-1920 in terms of family, Native Americans, African Americans, newcomers, and the land.
The UVA Multimedia Guide to the Virginia Standards of Learning — Virginia and U.S. History
This site is for both teachers and students, and looks particularly at the early American period of exploration and colonization, the Civil War and Reconstruction, and the Civil Rights era.

Civil War Sites
The American Civil War Homepage
Poetry and Music of the War Between the States
Shotgun’s Home of the American Civil War
The Valley of the Shadow:  Living the Civil War in Virginia and Pennsylvania
The American Civil War

Black History / Civil Rights Sites
A Selected Guide to African American Resources on the Web
The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
National Geographic Online Presents:  The Underground Railroad 
Black Wings:  African-American Pioneer Aviators
A site from the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum
Africans in America:  America’s Journey through Slavery
A companion site to a six-hour PBS series — includes many resources covering the years 1450 to 1865.?
Jump, Jim Crow

Click here for a critique of a book on the use of quilts in the underground railroad.  The writer says that this is a myth — interesting reading.

World Conflict

A site that views the Arab-Isralei conflict from both points of view
Global Connections — The Middle East
A PBS site

Country Information

Citation Makers
MLA CITATIONS Fill-in-the-blank cites CITATION MAKER This site is the easiest ever -- created by the Oregon School Library Information System. Works for print and electronic sources. EASYBIB Yet another fill-in-the-blank citation maker.
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