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Catalogue: Destiny
Science databases
Social Studies databases
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Ms. Cobey, Librarian
Mr. Griffin, Library Assistant
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Free science database.
Accidental Scientist — Science of Cooking
.The Darwin Day Program
An international celebration of science  humanity
Dr. Matrix’ World of Science
Current events plus loads of links to other quality science sites, by subject
Great Paper Airplane Activities
Office of Naval Research Sciences and Technology Focus:  Oceanography
The Perfume Museum
Students always like to conduct experiments with perfumes, and this site will give you some of the science behind the scent!
Science — Hot Topics
An up-to-date site from the BBC — covers many topics.
The Science Hobbyist
This site is maintained by Bill Beaty, and it is a hodge-podge of topics, ideas, and links.  You will find good science fair ideas plus just fun links to browse.
The Why Files
Put out by the University of Wisconsin, this is a current events science site — fun to browse, and a great place to get ideas for papers and projects

Anatomy of a Hive — The Buzz about Bee
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
DNA From the Beginning
Epidemic!  The World of Infectious Disease
A site put together by the American Museum of Natural History.
Lewis and Clark as Naturalists
Pan American Health Organization
A site full of information on health issues for people of the Americas.  
Photosynthesis, Energy, and Life
The Secret Life of the Brain
The Tree of Life Web Project
A collaborative Internet project containing
information about phylogeny and biodiversity
Understanding Cancer
From the National Cancer Institute — a slide presentation that addresses cancer in general
World Health Organization

Biochemical Molecules
Information on those molecules that  compose or are actively used by the human body.
Chemguide:  Helping you to understand Chemistry
Chemicool Periodic Table
A site put together by David Hsu, a graduate student at UC Berkele
Chemistry Hypermedia Project

Elementymology & Elements Multidict
This site, by Peter van der Krogt, is a good place for the history of an element.
FECS Millennium Project
The Federation of European Chemical Societies sponsored a project where experts submitted nominations of distinguished European chemists from the 18th century to the present day.
Periodic Table of the Elements

From Los Alamos National Lab — again, click on the element
Pictorial Periodic Table
Maintained by Chris Heilman, this site offers various ways to search the periodic table, and also has a history of the periodic table.
Web Elements Periodic Table
From the University of Sheffield, England — just click on the element for information.

Gander’s Academy Invention Page
The Inventors Museum
A List of Great Inventions

Tasteful Inventions & Product Debuts
Who invented Gatorade?  Potato Chips?  Twinkies?  Need a History of the Doughnut?

General Physics Sites
Fear of Physics
Physics help for students
Junior Physics at Appleby College
Making Waves — An interactive physics project
A great physics search site
Physics 2000 — a site from the University of Colorado
Snow Crystals
Ultra-Efficient Engine Technology


Bridge and Resonance
Bridge Building:  Art and Science 
Comparison of the Bridges
Design Failure Lessons:  The Tacoma Narrows Bridge
The Geometry of Bridge Construction (a general site with many illustrations)
The following sites concern the Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse:
Tacoma Narrows Bridge
Tacoma Narrows Bridge — a site from the Washington Department of Transportation
Tacoma Narrows Bridge Movie
Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster

Earth Science

Fossils:  Behind the Scenes at the Museum
Geological Time Machine
Mineralogy Database
The Nature of Diamonds
A site from the American Museum of Natural History
Physical Oceanography from Space
From Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Prehistoric Life

Environmental Topics

Biomes of the World
Blue Planet Biomes — our most recent biome site — it’s great
Global Warming — from the Why Files
EPA Global Warming Site
NOAA FAQ’s on Global Warming
The World’s Biomes

Space Sciences

The Nine Planets
An Overview of the Solar System
Solar System Live
Exploring the Planets

Citation Makers
MLA CITATIONS Fill-in-the-blank cites CITATION MAKER This site is the easiest ever -- created by the Oregon School Library Information System. Works for print and electronic sources. EASYBIB Yet another fill-in-the-blank citation maker.
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