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Selecting a College.
Students and their families are encouraged to use a variety of information sources to select a college and major. The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) provides one such source that is available here.

Additional Seats for the June SAT at North Stafford High School

North Stafford High School has informed us that College Board will open a few more seats at their test site for  the June 5th SAT Program.  They suggested you visit the College Board website starting tonight if you wish to get into the center, otherwise, you take a chance on being a Standby….you do need a credit card to process the online application.


Register at

SAT Test Fee:  $45.00

Additional Late Fee:  $23.00 if successful online (Test site:  47-628 North Stafford High School)


Additional Standby registration fee if walking in at North Stafford on June 5th  with a completed packet and fees (no cash):  $38.00–  Arrive by 7:30AM…. Photo ID, calculator, and pencils-  A few packets are available in guidance.

JM High School Code Number:  470-885