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Math Notes and Activities

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Here you can find notes, handouts, and other resources we’ve used in math class.


Notes and Resources for our Multiplication Unit

Below, you will find notes, activities, and resources we are using in class as we work on multiplication.

Day 2- Box Method How-To
Day 2- Multiply with Box Method Notes
Day 2- Box Method Practice
Day 4- Lattice Multiplication How-To
Day 4- Lattice Multiplication Notes
Day 4- Lattice Multiplication Practice

Notes and Resources for our Addition and Subtraction Unit

Below, you will find links to notes and activities that we are completing during our Addition and Subtraction Unit.

Day 1- Addition Vocabulary and Notes
Day 1- Adding Numbers Vertically
Day 2-Subtraction Notes
Day 3- Estimating Notes
Day 3- Front-End Estimation Notes
Days 4 Estimating Sums Practice and Graph Paper

Notes and Resources for our Fractions Unit

Below, you will find activities we’ve completed in class during our Fractions Unit

Day 2- Mixed Numbers 1
Day 2-Tasty Treats
Day 3- Equivalent Fractions Powerpoint
Day 3- Equivalent Fractions Practice and Accompanying Grid Paper
Day 5- Fractions and Division Statements
 Day 6- How to Find a Fraction on a Number Line
Day 6- Lines to Circles 2
Day 7- Fractions and Decimal Equivalency

Notes and Resources for Our Comparing, Ordering, and Rounding Numbers Unit


Below, you will find links to activities that we have completed in class during our Comparing , Ordering, and Rounding Numbers Unit:   This is a website that explains the ‘greater than’ and ‘less than’ signs and how to create them on a keyboard. This is a website that has the students pick the correct sign to complete the statement

Comparing and Ordering Decimals This is a PowerPoint we completed in class explaining comparing and ordering decimals



Notes and Resources for Place Value Unit

Below, you will find links to notes, resources, and activities that we complete in class for our Place Value Unit:

Day 1-Place Value Notes These are definitions that we completed in class along with some examples of the different forms we use to write numbers This is an interactive activity with Base-10 blocks to show place value This is an interactive activity that practices converting numbers from word form to standard form and vice versa.

Day 3- How Do You Say That Big Number

Day 4- Expanding Numbers