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Under this category, you can find PowerPoints, notes and other handouts we’ve used in class as a way to help you understand what we’re teaching in the classroom.


SWAY Links

Another resource that we have been using in Science class is SWAY! This is a website that has all of our notes and graphic organizers that we complete in class. Feel free to explore and review these with your child! (Please note: your child will need to log in to their school-related Microsoft account!)

Unit 1: Our Solar System
Unit 2: Weather
Unit 3: Scientific Investigations
Unit 4: Magnets
Unit 5: Electricity

Wakelet Links

We have been using Wakelet to explore different concepts we have been learning in Science and Social Studies class this year. Below are links to the Science Wakelets so that you can explore them at home as a family! 🙂

Solar System Wakelet:
Weather Wakelet:
Magnet, Electricity, Force and Motion Wakelet (We have covered Magnets and current electricity, but have not yet covered Static Electricity or Force and Motion, but feel free to explore those topic as well! 🙂 )

PowerPoints and Notes for Virginia’s 20th and 21st Century

Below, you will  find links to the PowerPoint presentations we have gone over in class based on our notes.  The last few slides are pages we completed during instruction.

Day 1- Economic and Population Changes
Day 2- Social and Political Changes
Day 3- Famous Virginians
Day 4- Virginia’s Branches of Government
Day 5- Virginia’s Economy Part 1
Day 6- Virginia’s Economy, Part 2

Notes and Resources for our Jamestown Unit

Below, you will find notes and other resources from class we are completing during our Jamestown Unit

Eastern Woodland Indians PowerPoint
Day 1- American Indians and Europeans
Day 1- Eastern Woodland Indians

Day 2- Learning About Virginia Indians PowerPoint
Day 2- Archaeology
Day 2- Werowocomoco and Jamestown

Day 3 Eastern Woodland Indians of VA Language Groups
Day 3- Native Americans in Virginia Map

Day 4- Eastern Woodland Indians of VA food Adaptations
Day 5- Virginia Indian Life Long Ago

Day 6-Reasons for English Colonization in America PowerPoint
Day 6- Why Did England Want to Start a Colony in America
Day 6- Charters for a New World
Day 6- Jamestown was Founded in 1607

Day 7- Where (and Why) did the Virginia Company Settle
Day 7- Reasons Settlers Chose the Site for Jamestown
Day 7- Jamestown Location


Fundercoaster Site Link

Notes and Resources for our Jamestown Unit

Below, you will find links to notes for our Jamestown Unit:

Day 1- Virginia’s American Indians Notes
Day 2- Environmental Connections Notes

Day 3- Understanding Archaeology Notes
Day 4- Colonizing America Notes
Day 5- Jamestown Notes
Day 6- Jamestown’s System of Government

Day 7- Hardships Faced by the Settlers Notes
Day 8- Arrival of Africans and Women Notes
Day 9- Native Peoples and the English Settlers’ Interactions

Jamestown Unit Review Study Guide


Notes for Our Virginia Resources Unit

Below, you will find notes for our Virginia Resources (Watersheds) Unit

What Is a Watershed Notes
What Kind of Water Is It Notes
Comparing Rivers Reservoirs Lakes Bays and Oceans Chart 
Two Kinds of Resources Notes

Notes for Virginia Studies Unit

Below, you will find links to the class notes for each Virginia Studies Unit.

Unit 1- Virginia’s Regions Notes
Unit 2 -Jamestown Notes
Unit 3- Virginia Grows and Expands Notes
Unit 4- Revolutionary War Notes
Unit 5- Forming a Nation Notes
Unit 6- Civil War Notes
Unit 7- Reconstruction Notes
Unit 8- Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries Notes

Notes and Resources for Our Twentieth and Twenty First Century Unit

Below, you will find links to notes and resources that we complete in class during our Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Unit

Day 1-From an Agricultural to Industrial Virginia
Day 2- Important Virginians Impact the World
Day 3- Civil Rights Flipbook
Day 3- Civil Rights Movement
Day 4- Famous Figures of Virginia in the 20th and 21st Centuries
Day 5-Virginia Advance

Notes and Resources for our Weight and Mass

Below you will find notes and resources for our Weight and Mass Unit

Day 1 Lets Learn About Measurement (PowerPoint)
Day 1-Weight and Mass Reading a Scale (PowerPoint)
Day 1- Reading Measurements (PowerPoint)
Day 1- Measurement Vocab