Notes and Resources for our Jamestown Unit

Below, you will find notes and other resources from class we are completing during our Jamestown Unit

Eastern Woodland Indians PowerPoint
Day 1- American Indians and Europeans
Day 1- Eastern Woodland Indians

Day 2- Learning About Virginia Indians PowerPoint
Day 2- Archaeology
Day 2- Werowocomoco and Jamestown

Day 3 Eastern Woodland Indians of VA Language Groups
Day 3- Native Americans in Virginia Map

Day 4- Eastern Woodland Indians of VA food Adaptations
Day 5- Virginia Indian Life Long Ago

Day 6-Reasons for English Colonization in America PowerPoint
Day 6- Why Did England Want to Start a Colony in America
Day 6- Charters for a New World
Day 6- Jamestown was Founded in 1607

Day 7- Where (and Why) did the Virginia Company Settle
Day 7- Reasons Settlers Chose the Site for Jamestown
Day 7- Jamestown Location


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