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Study/Review Materials for the Virginia Studies SOL Test

Below, you will find links to the class notes for each Virginia Studies Unit.

Unit 1- Virginia’s Regions Notes
Unit 2 -Jamestown Notes
Unit 3- Virginia Grows and Expands Notes
Unit 4- Revolutionary War Notes
Unit 5- Forming a Nation Notes
Unit 6- Civil War Notes
Unit 7- Reconstruction Notes
Unit 8- Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries Notes

Below are links to Study Guides we completed in class for all of our Virginia Studies Units:

Virginias Region Unit Review Study Guide
Jamestown Unit Review Study Guide

Virginia Grows and Expands Study Guide
Revolutionary War Study Guide
Forming a Nation Unit Review Study Guide
Civil War Unit Study Guide
Reconstruction Study Guide
20th and 21st Centuries Study Guide

Below are links to Board Games and Answers for some units that we have covered in Virginia Studies:

Unit 1-Virginia Regions Review Game Board with Answers
Unit 2-Jamestown Unit Review Board with Answers
Unit 3-Virginia Grows and Expands Unit Review Game Board with Answers
Unit 4- Revolutionary War Unit Review Game Board with Answers
Unit 5-Forming a Nation Unit Review Game Board with Answers

Below, you will find links to Review Games in PowerPoint that we completed in class:

Regions Zonk!
Jamestown ZONK!
Virginia Grows and Expands ZONK!
Revolutionary War Jeopardy
Forming a Nation Jeopardy
Civil War Zonk!
Reconstruction and 20th Century ZONK!

Below are links to other helpful resources and websites: our school and the password is LUES) (This is a practice Virginia Studies Test!) (This is a link to Virginia Studies Flashcards made by Loudon County)

Be on the lookout for more resources to come!

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