Thursday, September 10th, 2015

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Notes and Resources for our Virginia’s Regions Unit

Below, you will find links to notes, activities, and resources that we complete in class during our Virginia’s Regions Unit

Day 1- Virginia’s Relative Locations and Regions
Day 1- Virginia’s Relative Location on a U.S. Map
Day 2-Virginia’s Relative Location and Bordering States Activity Sheet
Day 3- Coastal Plains (Tidewater) Region
Day 4- Coastal Plains (Tidewater) Products and Industries
Day 5- Piedmont Region
Day 6- Blue Ridge Region
Day 7- Valley and Ridge Region
Day 8- Appalachian Plateau
Virginia Regions Unit Study Guide Page 1

Notes and Resources for Place Value Unit

Below, you will find links to notes, resources, and activities that we complete in class for our Place Value Unit:

Day 1-Place Value Notes These are definitions that we completed in class along with some examples of the different forms we use to write numbers This is an interactive activity with Base-10 blocks to show place value This is an interactive activity that practices converting numbers from word form to standard form and vice versa.

Day 3- How Do You Say That Big Number

Day 4- Expanding Numbers

Homework for Thursday, September 10, 2015

Homework for Tonight:

Reading: Context Clues Sheet # 61
Math:Ten-Thousands and Hundred-Thousands

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