April, 2013

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Homework for Monday, April 29

Homework for tonight:

Reading: Read for 20 minutes
Math: Homework packet page.  Be sure to get it signed!
Science: Sound Study Guide

5th Grade Social Studies Review Materials

Below, you can find links to SOL review materials.

Review Flashcards for the Social Studies test can be found below:
US History to 1877 flashcards

Spring Break Education Fun

Over Spring Break, Kyle went with his family to Colonial Williamsburg.  Here is a picture of him next to a Cotton Gin.  We learned about the Cotton Gin (which was invented by Eli Whitney) right before Spring Break.   Thanks for sharing your educational adventure!

Kyle Cotton Gin

Class Pic from Lion Fun Day at the Field House!!!


Homework for Monday, April 8, 2013

Homework for tonight:

Reading: Read for 20 minutes
Math: non-Calculator Cumulative test tomorrow; Calculator Cumulative test Wednesday
Science: Cumulative Test Thursday (Check out the study guides in the SOL Review Category)

Don’t forget SOL night is Thursday from 6:00-7:30!