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Friday, March 29th, 2013

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5th Grade Science Review Materials

Below, you can find links to SOL Review Materials:

A review packet for 5th grade material can be found below:
5th Grade Science Review

Links to 4th grade review board games (with answer keys) can be found on the links below:
Animal Unit Review Game Board
Current Electricity Unit Game Board and answer key
Force Motion Energy Unit Review Game Board
Magnet Unit Game Board
Our Solar System Unit Review Game Board
Plant Unit Review Game Board
Scientific Investigations Unit Review Game Board
Static Electricity Unit Game Board
Watershed Unit Game Board
Weather Unit Review Game Board

Westward Expansion Notes

Below is a link to all of the notes for our Westward Expansion Unit:
Day 1- Westward Expansion Notes 
 Day 1- Territorial Expansion and Settlement
Day 1- U.S. Territorial Aquisitions Map and Table
Day 2- U.S. Territorial Aquisitions Sort Map
Day 2- Geographic and Economic Factors that Influenced Westward Expan.
Day 3- Westward Migration Notes
Day 3- Trails to the West Map
Day 5- New Invention Notes
Day 5- New Inventions Table
Day 5- Inventions and New Technologies
Day 7 Abolition and Suffrage
Day 7- Abolitionists and Suffrage Movement
Day 7- Who Am I Abolitionist and Suffragist
Abolitionist and Suffragist Table
Westward Expansion Study Guide