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Monday, March 4th, 2013

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Homework for Monday, March 4

Homework for tonight:

Reading: Read for 20 minutes
Spelling: Wordly Wise Meaning test on Thursday.  All Spelling tests are on Friday!


Investigating the Changing Earth Notes

Here are the links to the notes for our current science unit, Investigating the Changing Earth

Day 1- Layers of the Earth
Day 2- Crustal Plates
Day 3- Earth’s Crust
Day 3- Volcanoes vs Earthquakes
Day 3-Plate Tectonics
Day 4- Rock Cycle Diagram
Day 4
– Rock Cyle Interactive Notes
Day 4- Rock Cycle Fill-in-the-Blank
Day 6-Erosion and Weathering Notes
Day 7- Fossil Interactive notes
Day 8- Geology Review