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Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

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Lesson 5 Wordly Wise Words

adj. Happening suddenly, without warning.

v. To do what one sets out to do
Acheivement n. Something done that takes skill or effort

n. A feeling that someone or something is bad or unworthy

v. 1. To interest and amuse
2. To have guests
3. To have in mind

v. To get a quick look at
n. A quick or hasty look

v. To make fun of
adj. Not real; pretend

v. 1. To keep on doing or trying
2. To go on and on
Persistence n. Sticking to something; not giving up
Persistent adj. Refusing to give up

v. To win someone over by arguing or asking
Persuasive adj. Having the power to persuade

n. A stage in a series of changes

adj. Odd or unusual in a pleasing or old-fashioned way

v. 1. To remember
2. To take back

v. To refuse to accept or use
n. Something that falls short of what is acceptable

v 1. To go over carefully in order to correct or improve
2. To chanve in orer to bring up to date

adj. 1. quick to notice or feel
2. Easily affected by even slight change

Spelling words for the Pink Group 11/28-12/7


Week 1

 Objective:  students will compare and contrast less common long e vowel patterns (ie, eCe) and some oddballs.

 chief                               these                               *
field                                 scene                              vein

brief                                 theme                     friend
grief                                 eve                         seize

Wednesday-  sort  your words
Thursday- Write 5 sentences using your words
Monday- Write 5 sentences using your words
Tuesday- Write 5 sentences using your words
Wednesday- Look For other words that could be in your sorts
Thursday- Practice Test

Area Notes

The link below contains notes we completed in math class about area.  This may be useful as you help your child complete homework and practice at home.

Area Notes

Homework for Wednesday, November 28

Homework for tonight:

Reading: Read for 20 minutes.  Reading logs will be filled in for bellwork in the morning.
Math: Playing Site: Area
Science: Matter Test Tomorrow! Completed Matter Study Guide

Get Agenda Signed

Sign and return Tuesday Folders.  They are due by Friday

Don’t forget tonight is a Sweet Frog fundraiser!  Come out and support our PTA!!!