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Friday, October 12th, 2012

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Homework for Friday, October 12, 2012

Homework for the weekend:

Don’t forget that the test on Light is on Monday!  The Study Guide can be found by clicking the following link. Light Study Guide

Watch Baseball!  Go Nats! Go O’s!
Watch Football! Go Redskins!

Our Fall Festival Supplies (So Far)

So far for our Fall Festival, students have volunteered to bring in the following items: (Parenthesis show how many students have offered each item)

Muffins (2)
Plates (2)
Napkins (1)
Pretzels (8)
Water (2)
Juice (1)
Chips and Salsa (2)

Thank you for helping make our Fall Festival Celebration a success!

Elapsed Time Notes

Yesterday, we started our unit on Elapsed Time.  We discussed different methods that could be used to find how much time passed during an event.  The following link will show you the methods we dicussed in class.

Elapsed Time Notes

Prime Factorization Notes

The following link goes to our prime factorization notes from last week.  I’m sorry for the delay in posting!

Prime Factorization Notes