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Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

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Wordly Wise Lesson 2 Words

v. 1. To bring about a change in
2. To pretend to be or to have.

v. 1. To find the answer by using arithmetic
2. To figure out by reasoning

n. The average weather conditions of an area

n. 1. A row of figures or words runniing down a printed page; anything arranged like that
2. A tall, usually stone support that holds up something
3. A regular newspaper or magazine article usually written by the same person

v. To rot
n. A breaking down or rotting

v. To be more than
2. To go beyond what is allowed
Excess n. More than enough, an extra ammount
Excessive adj. Too much or too great

v. To order not to do something
Forbidden adj. Not allowed

n. A group of trees growing together with open space between them

n. An arm, leg, or wing
A large tree branch

adj. Very Large, huge

v. To become fully grown or developed
adj. Fully grown or developed; adult

v. To allow
n. A written notice that allows a person to do something

v. 1. To refuse to give in to; to withstand
2. To work or fight against

v. To burn slightly

v. To stand above or higher than what is around it
Towering adj. Very high; tall

Homework for Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Homework for tonight

Reading: Read for 20 minutes and fill in Weekly Reading Log
Math: Prime and Composite Sheet 2
Social Studies: Review for your test tomorrow.  Here is the American Indian Review Filled In
Wordly Wise: Lesson 2 meaning test will be Thursday, and the spelling test will be Friday.  It was brought to my attention today that I posted the wrong words for this lesson. This has been updated- you can find the right words by clicking the following link: Wordly Wise Lesson 2 Words

Get Agenda signed

Sign and return Tuesday Folder

Sign and return Fall Concert Form

Sign and return Title 1 Compact if you haven’t already done so.