Monday, September 17th, 2012

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Wordly Wise Lesson 1 Words

v. To help or be helpful to; to be useful to
n. 1. Something that is useful or helpful, that does good
2. An event held to raise money for a cause

adj. 1. Having no missing parts; whole
2. Finished
v. to finish

v. 1. To go through a process of growth
2. To bring or come into being
3. To apply chemicals to photographic film to bring out the picture

v. To cause feelings of fear, worry, or surprise
n A sudden loss of courage because of fear or worry

n. A state of being comfortable- without worry, pain, or trouble
v. To make less worried, pained, or troubled

n. Small lumps of frozen rain
 v 1. To fall as frozen rain
2. To greet or welcom, usually with admiration

v. to be without
n. a shortage

adj. 1. Chief; main
2. having or showing great skill
v. To become skilled at

n. one who loves, supports, and is loyal to his or her country
Patriotic adj. having or showing love of one’s counrty
Patriotism n. Love of one’s country

n. a plan or idea for doing something
v. 1 To stick out
2. To cause an image to be shown on a screen

v. 1 to make a statement of praise
2. to give advice; to suggest

v. To say; to make a comment
n. something said; a comment
Remarkable adj. Deserving of being noticed; unusual

v. 1. To stand for or in place of
2. To act in place of

adj. Enough to fill a need


v. To make sounds with the voice; to speak

Homework for Monday, September 17, 2012

Homework for tonight:

Reading: Read for 20 minutes and fill in Reading Log
Math: Using a Protractor
Spelling: Wordly Wise Lesson 1 test is this Friday!

Be sure to get your agenda signed!

Friday is an Early Dismissal for Students!

Sign and return Title 1 Compact.