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PYP Verification Visit

Both Hugh Mercer Elementary School and Lafayette Upper Elementary School will be visited by a team for the International Baccalaureate (IB) on April 11th & April 12th, 2019.  A visit to the schools will be carried out by the IB to verify the school’s claim that it has taken all the necessary actions and is prepared to become an IB World School.  The purpose of the visit is to ensure that the educational principles, standards and practices on which the IB program is founded will be maintained and furthered.  The visit is not aimed at appraising or assessing individual teachers or school administrators.  Following the visit, the relevant IB office will produce a report regarding the authorization process.  This report will be based on the findings of the visit and the data from the application forms.

Authorization Decision:

If the director general considers that the application by the candidate school meets IB requirements and that there are no matters to be addressed, authorization to teach the relevant IB program will be granted under condition of accordance with the Rules for IB World Schools: Primary Years Program.  A letter of authorization from the director general will be sent from the head office of the IB to the school.  Commendations and recommendations are sent to the candidate school in conjunction with the letter advising the school of the authorization decision.

If parents or community members would like to take part in the Verification visit, please contact our PYP Coordinators for more information:

Ms. Stephanie Teri, HMES PYP Coordinator or

Ms. Katya Zablotney, LUES PYP Coordinator.

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