MYP Personal Project (grade 10)

MYP Personal Project Description

Grades 9-10 (MYP Years 4-5)

IB, and therefore FCPS, will ask scholars to complete a personal project in year 5 of the program. This long-term project will demonstrate a consolidation of learning including approaches to teaching and learning (ATL) skills.  Scholars will gain strength in skills for this task in years 1-4 of the program.  Then, scholars will be assigned a project supervisor by year 5 to aide them in this independent project that is not administered through a subject group course.  Scholars are expected to spend 25 hours on the project in meeting with a supervisor, independent learning and reporting on the project.  This project is registered for external moderation.  This component will begin for year 5 10th graders in our first year of authorization, 2017-18, and is required to receive internal MYP recognition.  For further explanation of the project, reference the MYP projects page.

The personal project includes three components: focuses on a topic leading to an outcome, a process journal and a report.

  1. To extend MYP learning through individual choices in a wide variety of ways including recording and reflecting on their learning by;

a) Expanding on or pursuing an area of interest outside the eight subjects of MYP such as teaching yourself photography.

b) Communicating a new understanding to an audience of choice by perhaps writing an article on technology and the environment and submitting it to the local newspaper.

c) Demonstrating how in response to a new understanding they have made decisions to change their behavior like writing a persuasive essay on why early interventions and education in middle and high school prevent college dating violence, or creating a healthy eating habits meal plan.

  1. In the process students will identify an achievable goal, select the global context, research and site sources, produce a final product of original work such as art, a model, a plan, a campaign, an essay, film, etc., consider ATL skills, document using a process journal, complete forms, and formulate a report. The projects will be measured on four assessment criteria:

Objective A: Investigating

Objective B: Planning

Objective C: Taking action

Objective D: Reflecting

  1. The culmination must be a written, electronic, oral or visual report of a specified length following the above sections. The purpose is to inform an account of something observed, heard, done or investigated in order to summarize the experiences and skills that the student documented in their process journal along the way.  This culminating report is in addition to the original work created during the project.  FCPS must register all students in MYP year 5 for external moderation of the personal project.


Presentations/Resources/Documents for Scholars & Families: