W-G Inquiry Time

Walker-Grant Inquiry Time

The objective of Inquiry Time is to grow students’ skills through specific learning goals.

Walker-Grant Inquiry Time is a monthly meeting between scholars and their supervisor(s) providing the opportunity to use content, explore interests, make connections, grow skills and build relationships through dedicated, directed time with the support of a practitioner supervisor.

Each student is assigned a supervisor, kind of like a homeroom, to meet with monthly during the school year.  Students will find their supervisor assignment posted in the building.  Scholars will meet with the same teacher and group each time although the location may change and is provided in advance.  Scholars are introduced to different activities and given time to complete their work during Inquiry Time.  This is not a specific content course with an assigned grade but scholars may be given feedback for their efforts.

On Inquiry Time days, students will follow a modified assembly bell schedule where they will visit each class during that day for a shortened amount of time and then at the end of the day report to their supervisor for 70 minutes of Inquiry Time from 1:30-2:40pm.  These meetings happen about once a month for eight meetings total.

October 9 A day (revised date)

October 30 B day (revised date)

November 28 A day (revised date)

December 15 B day

January 31 A day

February 28 B day

March 23 A day

April 11 B day

The purpose of Inquiry Time:

  • 6th & 7th grade will explore interests and gain skills through activities to improve academic performance and prepare for their 8th grade community project and high school beyond.  No required work is anticipated outside of these meetings.
  • 8th grade will have assistance and work sessions for the IB MYP Community Project.
    • Students are given a folder with their Community Project Guide and other materials.  Students may work individually or form groups of two or three.  However, the groups must be formed within their Inquiry Time classroom.  Grouped students may share the responsibility of each stage and its requirements, but he/she must still do his/her own process journal and a portion of the presentation to their supervisor.
    • This is not a specific content course with an assigned grade but scholars will be assessed on the process and given feedback for their efforts by their supervisor.  This does not have to be an additional thing but rather an extension of something they already are doing or want to do.  Students will have to complete some of their project outside of the approximately 7-9 hours spent in Inquiry Time.  Part of the project is tracking their actions and time.  Scholars will have the opportunity to share their product with peers and families in the spring, similar to a science fair.  It is a requirement to earn the FCPS W-G MYP Year 1-3 Completion Certificate at 8th grade graduation!
    • Ms. Moyer, the Community Project Liaison, introduced the community project to students during Civics classes last spring and parents obtained information at different W-G events.  Please visit our FCPS website for further resources http://www.cityschools.com/ib/.




Documents for Scholars/Families:

Community Project Guide: WGMS Community Project Handbook

ManageBac Quick Reference Guide: ManageBac CP Student Directions