MYP Community Project (grade 8)

MYP Community Project Description

Grades 6-8 (MYP Years 1-3)


As a school who offers years 1-5 of MYP, FCPS will ask scholars to prepare for their culminating personal project by completing a community project in year 3 of the program. This long-term project will focus on community and service action and will not be administered through a subject group class.  Scholars will gain strength in skills for this task in years 1 and 2 of the program.  Then, scholars will be assigned a project supervisor by year 3 and may have the option to work alone, or in small groups of up to three students, to plan and execute their year 3 community service project.  Scholars are expected to spend 15 hours on the project in meeting with a supervisor, independent work and reporting on the project.  This component will begin for year 3 8th graders in our first year of authorization, 2017-18, and is required to receive internal MYP recognition.  For further explanation of the project, reference the MYP projects page.

The community project will include three components: service as action, a process journal and the presentation.

  1. Types of action include:

a) Direct service that involves people, the environment, or animals. For example-like tutoring or working in a community garden.

b) Indirect service where the student does not see the recipients but their actions benefit the community or environment like producing an educational material, improving a website, or organizing a supply drive for a community shelter.

c) Advocacy where students promote action on an issue of public importance such as making a resource to prevent bullying or starting an awareness campaign to prevent teen suicide.

d) Research where students collect and analyze information to report on a topic to change policy or practice including conducting environmental surveys to protect an aspect of their community or analyzing the most effective recycling practices with the community resources.

  1. In the process students will identify a goal to address a need in the community, select the global context, research and cite sources, develop an action plan, consider ATL skills, document using a process journal, complete an academic honesty form, and practice and present to an audience. The projects will be measured on four assessment criteria:

Objective A: Investigating

Objective B: Planning

Objective C: Taking action

Objective D: Reflecting

  1. The culmination must be an oral presentation by each student to an audience with 6-10 minutes for individuals and 10-14 minutes for groups of up to three, 3-5 minutes per student in the group.


Presentations/Resources/Documents for Scholars & Families: