2017-18 Diploma Program Application

IB DP Application 2018

If you are a current sophomore who is or will be attending James Monroe for your junior and senior years, you are eligible to apply for admission to our IB Diploma Program. The application process will begin February 22nd of 2018.

IB DP Application 2018

New for 2018-2019, IB Diploma Program applicants as well as students requesting an IB Diploma Course must attend one of the offered AP/IB DP Open Houses to learn about the program and expectations. Those unable to attend one of the open houses must schedule a meeting with the DP coordinator, Mr. Jay Snyder, or their guidance counselor. Attendance at an open house or a meeting with a coordinator/counselor will allow a student’s DP application to be processed or their course request for a DP course to be granted.

Please refer to the Pre-IB list of recommended classes to see which ones you have taken and how prepared for the Diploma Program you may be. That file can be accessed using the link on this website to the FCPS AP and IB Handbook. Please note that any student is encouraged to apply regardless of how many recommended courses he/she may or may not have taken.

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact the Diploma Coordinator at JMHS, Mr. Jay Snyder, jsnyder@cityschools.com.