Program Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Healthy children and strong families living successfully in a supportive community.

Our Mission

Partnering with families and the community to ensure preschool children are healthy and demonstrate academic, emotional and social readiness for Kindergarten.

4 thoughts on “Program Vision & Mission

    1. Mr. Jamalzai,

      My name is Helena Fedak. Please let me know if you’ve had follow-up to your application. My phojne number is 540-372-065 ext.2508.

      Thank you,
      Helena Fedak

  1. My children attended this program. This year has been the worst. Ms. Nancy was so helpful. The new director and the people who work with families now are never available and don’t know what they are doing! My kids had the best teachers when they was there. Mrs McGinniss and Mrs White were the best and so was Ms. Fortune. I was gonna put in an application for my son but not after the way things over there are now. That building feels like a prison and my friends tell me the school is bad now.
    Fredericksburg Head Start is not supportive no more.
    This WAS a great program not no more.

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