Information Technology Network Management, Security Management and Support Specifications TECH19-001

The purpose of this RFP is to provide interested parties with information to enable them to prepare and submit a proposal for providing information technology (IT) support for Fredericksburg City Public Schools.

The scope of the project is to provide IT network management, security management and support by providing the staffing and expertise to support the Technology Department of Fredericksburg City Public School.

Vendor Questions

Is this a new solicitation? If not, please share the name of incumbent vendors. No this is not a new solicitation in totality, but it is combining services that were performed by a few separate vendors in the past.  Over 75% of the work performed in the past 3 years was done by two vendors, CTSI and Businets. 

What budget is allocated to this or the past spending for this contract? Budgets are approved annually and the amounts spent on contract services fluctuate annually depending on the services required and the amount of funding.  Since this is a new RFP in whole, and the services requested have never been placed out for bid in this manner, in turn, we do not have an exact baseline to draw from.  The work being requested is a combination of requests from the Technology Department and security / facilities work under the direction of our Chief Administrative Officer.  These services listed in the RFP were based on services currently rendered under annual maintenance contracts, security grants, hourly rate contracts, and federal e-Rate bid responses.  As part of the RFP process, please provide your best proposal to be evaluated as a sole vendor for all of these services listed in the RFP.